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 Win a $100 VISA Gift Card to try out the new VISA Checkout at select Canadian retailers:

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  5. I’d like to try the Red Velvet Cake

  6. I like the cookie tree kit.

  7. I’d like to try the snow flake cookie cutter

  8. the cookie tree kit

  9. i think my kids would love the cookie tree kit :)

  10. I would love to try the Red Velvet Cake mix, I hear people raving about this cake but have never tried it yet. Love the cookie cutters too!

  11. I like the cookie cutter tree

  12. cookie tree kit

  13. I like the cookie cutters! I love to bake and would love to try them!

  14. I love the cookie cutters, would love to try them :)

  15. The cookie cutter stencils

  16. Would love to try the cookie cutters

  17. i would like to try the cookie cutters
    good luck to all

  18. Red Velvet! Can’t wait to try it!

  19. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it – the food, decorations, family time, snow, and eggnog!

  20. I want to try the red velvet cake.

  21. I would like to try the Red Velvet Cake

  22. I’d love to try the red velvet cake mix as I love to bake.

  23. The cookie cutters

  24. The red velvet cake!

  25. I like the cookie cutter tree

  26. I’d like to try the Red Velvet Cake

  27. I’d love to try any of the new holiday products and make them dairy free!!

  28. id like the cookie tree kit

  29. I would like to try the Sea Salt and chocolate toffee

  30. I would love to try the Nanaimo Bars….yum….my favourite.

  31. The cookie cutters is what I would like to try.

  32. A PC gift card – wahoo. That would be a great prize to win.

  33. I would love to win the PC Gift Card!

  34. I’d love to try the red velvet cake

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  36. Would love to win the Frozen tickets – Vancouver


  37. Oh my goodness this would be an awesome way to relax with my little man!

  38. This. Sounds. Amazing. We would love to win this!

  39. OMG I must win frozen tickets – I will even drive all the way to Whitby! Thx AT!

  40. I would love to go to the whitby screening of frozen!

  41. If my babes were younger I would totally go for that high chair.

  42. A Whitby movie screening! My son would love to see FROZEN.

  43. Really cool highchair!

  44. Looks like a great highchair

  45. Love the clean, modern look of the high chair!

  46. I like that it can be used from infant to adult

  47. I like that you can use it for all the stages and I also like how it is sturdy

  48. I love the fact that it looks easy to clean and the weight capacity.

  49. wud love to win

  50. I love that its so sleek looking and easy to clean!

  51. I love the look, would blend right in with my kitchen and chairs! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  53. I like that it is It’s BPA-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free.

  54. I love the multi positioning function best.

  55. Love that its neutral!!!!! My hubby would like that

  56. I need help organizing the closet in out spare room before our second baby arrives in January!

  57. Our first baby is on the way and this would be an amazing help!

  58. The Gliding Shelf solution is exactly what I am looking for – need it to organize under my sink! Your before and after looks great.

  59. The gliding shelf system looks awesome. I’m so sick of buying dollar store containers and trying to organize my cabinets. They just don’t do the trick. I love the idea of multiple shelves.

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  61. stow n go…neeed for the car!

  62. have heard great reviews! cant wait to try it out

  63. Is this the new Cadillac of car seats? Would love for our little one to take it for a test drive.

  64. This look like a great car seat and I’ve heard good reviews on this brand. Thank you.

  65. I’d love the Baby Organizer!

  66. I’d love to try their angle adjuster.

  67. I would love to have the travel pal.

  68. would love a chance to win!

  69. I’d prefer the baby organizer.

  70. We have a Graco, and have been happy with it, but with #3 on the way, we’d either have to pay tens of thousands for a larger car to handle 3 kids (we have an Escape currently), or $1000 on three Diono carseats. Wish more car seats were slimmer in style.

  71. I would like to have the Diono Baby Organizer. I like that it can be used on a stroller or in the car. Would be useful to have somewhere to store all that baby ‘stuff’.

  72. Full mount

  73. full mount

  74. Grey Galaxy is nice. As long as it’s strong enough to hold my 38″ LCD TV.

  75. full motion for my hubby

  76. I would pick the full motion wall mount :)

  77. I think the full-motion mount would be great!

  78. I would chose the full-motion on ..:)

  79. full-motion

  80. I would get the full motion wall mount

  81. I would choose the full motion wall mount

  82. I would take the adjustable one that I could move to watch in different parts of the room

  83. For the Sanus contest — I would choose a tilting mount.

  84. I’d love the full-motion one. Then I could watch TV from the kitchen while making dinner.

  85. I like the idea of the low profile mount best-but would let hubby choose if i won!

  86. I would pick a full motion wall mount.

  87. I would choose the LF228
    Full-Motion Wall Mount

  88. I would choose the full motion wall mount

  89. I would choose a full motion mount if I won!

  90. Mounting on the wall is great!

  91. There are 20 decals to write down specifics of the day you measure like day, name, etc…

  92. I like the low profile mount…

  93. The i pad mount is an amazing idea

  94. so many baby proofing products! this looks like a great addition!!

  95. We love the hd workshops. My kids always have a blast and always so happy with the final product.

  96. I love the home depot workshops for kids.. my son has participated a couple of time

  97. My kids have done many of the Home Depot kids workshops Thare the great free and educational and fun

  98. I really like that the Home Depot workshops are free and great for little kids!

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  100. Just recently discovered the Home Depot kids activities myself! Great idea! :)

  101. Tweet is wonderful!

  102. Galaxy grey!

  103. I love Kangaroo! So awesome.

  104. Love the Boba 3G!

  105. Kangaroo colour

  106. I love the Kangaroo colour!

  107. Looking forward to baby wearing new baby as with twin 2 year olds didnt do a whole lot with them!

  108. Great giveaway – babywearing is so important.

  109. I love babywearing!

  110. I love the idea of having my babies as close to me as possible.

  111. would love to learn more about the wraps

  112. Love carriers!

  113. This would be great as the one I currently have is giving me back problems.

  114. I’d love to win this for my SIL. She’s expecting and I’m always on her case about the benefits of babywearing.

  115. I’m finally ready to stop creeping and start entering! Bring on the prizes :)

  116. Would love this for our new baby girl!!

  117. Need a baby carrier for number 4 coming end of summer, would be nie to win!

  118. Great prize from P&G. thank your for posting

  119. Sounds like a great prize!

  120. Would love to win this one!

  121. Free stuff is great – specially a mom gift pack from P&G!

  122. Twice a day!!

  123. I love the designs they are beautiful and unique

  124. seems not to tarnish quickly

  125. Love to win this charm :-)

  126. i brush at least twice a day :) thank you

  127. I brush twice a day!

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  129. I entered and liked under candess phillips

  130. I would pay it forward

  131. i like that it is personalized in such a way and it can be passed on when the children are older

  132. I love that my child’s work will be with me always!

  133. Awesome idea

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  135. I would pay it forward…I know a couple people with babies due right away so this would be a great surprise :)

  136. I’m torn. My sister and I are due within days of each other. I guess whoever gives birth first would get it, ha, ha!!

  137. I would pay it forward!

  138. pay forward to a few people i know who are having a baby or have just had one, it would go along way

  139. Our third little one will be here soon! I`d keep it! :)

  140. I would definitly pay it forward

  141. i would pay if forward

  142. I would give it to my friend ,who is pregnant for the first time ;)

  143. Keep it for myself!!

  144. I would pay it forward to my cousin who just had a baby this week.

  145. I’d definitely pay it forward. I already have someone in mind that just had a new baby boy.

  146. It depends on what happens in the next 10 days or so :P

  147. I would give the prize to my niece. She is expecting in early June.

  148. I’d pay it forward to a friend who’s expecting her second.

  149. I could use Diapers with a one year old! Pampers are my fav!

  150. I would pay it forward to a girl at work

  151. I’d give this to a friend

  152. I would give it to a friend who’s expecting.

  153. I’d probably keep some and give some away.

  154. Pay if forward! Giving this to my BFF who just had a baby!

  155. I’d most definitely pay it forward

  156. would be paying it forward :)

  157. I would keep it for myself (son)

  158. pay it forward, I have a lot of friends having babies very soon.

  159. I would love to pay it forward with this ding dong contest

  160. I’d probably keep some and give some away.

  161. I would pay it forward

  162. I would keep a couple of things and pay the rest forward.

  163. I’d keep it to myself. As a new mom, I could use it too. And I’d love the Canada onesie.

  164. Pay this one forward for sure! Great idea to pleasantly surprise a new Mom!

  165. i love these.. they are the best on the market!

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  167. teether, my grandson is teething

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  170. What a great website….I especially love the contests and the reviews!~

  171. never used cloth diapers. thought it would be to much work to handle

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  173. My sons would love the Zoola teether!

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  175. I am seriously coveting a beba bean sock monkey. I would love to win one along with the zooley teether for my little guy!

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  177. love the good quality material in them

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  180. I don’t have a Vinci, but from what I can see from scoping the net, it has quite a few things that set it apart-one I noticed right away was the fact that it is completely “kid-safe” so no in-app purchases, no commercials, etc.
    Which is great considering my lovely kiddo charged a $200 app to my mum’s credit card through her ipad!

  181. Ballerina pjs

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  184. I love that it’s sturdy!

  185. Plasma products are absolutely awesome!

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  187. I love the robot pajamas!

  188. my son has been in cloth diapers since we brought him home from the hospital. We used newborn sized gdiapers when he was little, they were great until he got older. We have tried AMP duo, fuzzibunz, sun baby, bamboo bumble bums and nic & eli. So far the fuzzibunz work best.

  189. I started using a cloth diapering service with my baby, but after numerous leaks and scrubbing the liners after every soil, I cancelled the service. I thought it to be more work on my part than the $22/week service deserved. And then I switched to disposables. Really, it was probably just the diapers that were not suitable for my baby. I may look into cloth further. Thanks Mommy Gearest!

  190. I use cloth diapers 24/7 with my DD, and would never go back to disposables. My cousins got me started and I am very thankful. My dipe of choice is Best Bottoms, can’t express my love for them.

  191. I have never with any of my 3, cost initally – thinking water, electricity, soap, accessories, diapers – but fast forward 3 kids – I dont know what would cost less! but love the suggestion for nighttime instead of buying ‘underjams’

    • There are a lot of cost comparisons available on the web but I didn’t include any of them because I can’t be sure who created them: for example, someone who’s pro-cloth may slant the calculations in her favour, while a disposable diaper company would do the opposite. I think you have to make your own choice – like with anything when it comes to this crazy world of parenting.

  192. Yes I started 3 years ago and in that time had a break of about 4 months between baby #1 potty training and baby #2 being born. My favorite brand is GroVia

  193. Doctor! So cute!

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  195. I like the Ninja Playjamas

  196. the ninja pjs are cute

  197. The ninja design is my fav!

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  199. I like the ballerina pj’s:) so cute

  200. I like the duvet, with the love to learn duvet cover, looks so fluffy!

  201. The ninja design is my favourite :)

  202. the ninja ones are cute

  203. The doctor playjammas would be my choice as Mama is a doctor!

  204. I like their organic towels

  205. Oooh I contest for the cruz + tickets to the babytime show? yes please! I’m hitting up the show on Saturday with one of my mom-friends.

  206. What a fabulous prize the uppa stroller is. This is great

  207. From Lilttle Fou: I’d like the Baby Cellular blanket.

  208. The Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow sounds fab.

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  210. The baby blankets look so sweet and cozy!

  211. First time mom to be here. I am really looking forward to attending the show.

  212. I’d get the Buckwheat Pillow – Cloud (with Wool).

  213. I would love to win an UppaBaby Cruz! Thanks for the opportunity!

  214. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The OM Home Baby Bundler Romper in your choice of Avnee Green or Avnee Gray.
    I Would Like To Win This For My Niece Who’s Having A Baby.
    In Response To Your Question Of What else from OM Home is on YOUR covet list?
    I Liked The jasper cotton long sleeved onesie
    And The avnee organic cotton one piece pj with foldover socks.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  215. I would like the Organic cotton bumper pads in white

  216. I like the Avnee Organic Cotton Bundler/Romper

  217. I like the Organic Receiving Blanket

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  219. I like the Avnee Organic Cotton Crib Sheet.

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  221. I’d like the Organic Fitted Flannel Crib Sheet.

  222. the receiving blankets look really nice.

  223. The organic Flannel fitted sheet would be amazing for the cold winter nights in my baby’s safe sleep nest !

  224. I like the Om placemats- so pretty

  225. Cute Bandaids are a must – as long as they’re good and sticky!!

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  228. i really like the Handmade Kantha Quilts -blue and white

  229. We just get regular bandaids.

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  231. 11 hours to go – thanks for the contest!

  232. Natural shredded rubber pillow – I have one, need a second – these are not only allergy friendly but uber comfortable!

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  236. A really good pillow can change your life for the better. Serious benefits.

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  239. The purple is great!

  240. your reviews give a lot of info

  241. i like the purple tags

  242. Yellow

  243. Blue swaggertag is my fave.

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  245. I am recommending to my daughter and niece that they go organic.

  246. The Blooming Bath is just so darn cute!

  247. Purple is my choice!

  248. I like the blue swagger tag!

  249. I love the bath design!

  250. Would love the organic crib sheets!

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  252. I think my daughter would love the purple swagger tag!

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  254. I like the dragon red swaggertag that my son would use.

  255. My daughter (1 year old) teething up a storm

  256. The organic teething bunny would be for my sisters baby

  257. It would be for one of my twin sons!

  258. It would be for my nephew! Thanks.

  259. My daughter will be needing this so it would be for my daughter!

  260. my daughter is expecting to have a baby soon, soooo thats where it will go

  261. It would be for my youngest son!

  262. My niece is having a baby in October

  263. If I were to get the Organic Teething Bunny, I would give to my friend who just gave birth to a son. My kids are little too big but I’m sure my friend’s son would love it.

  264. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  266. I will sometimes look at ingredients, but not all the time.

  267. Wow! Toddler carrier-insane!
    Halo sleepsacks rock! Used them for the first and intend to for the second

  268. I would choose the 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training Pants The Fashion Collection Handsome Large

  269. I like either the Fashion Collection Handsome, or the Royal Collection William, or the Fashion Collection Robot Boy. It’s kind of tough to decide because my boys are about the same size, but have different personalities.

  270. Butterfly or Hot Pink :)

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  275. I love that the 3G is infant compatible! My 2G is awesome with my toddler. :)

  276. Love the infant insert in manduca

  277. I like the special insert for smaller babies on the Boba 3G

    • Actually, there’s no special insert in the BOBA 3G – you can use it by cinching the body of the carrier. However, the Manduca has an insert that helps infants reduce pressure on their legs while in the carrier. :)

  278. I like the fact that the Boba needs no special insert for a small baby.

  279. I like that there is no insert required for infants on the Boba 3G

  280. Loving the adjustable sleeping hood on the Boba 3G!!! WOW my DH would look pretty good carrying the baby in this! WOW! Thanks for this giveaway!

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  283. Q : What feature do you like most on the BOBA 3G?
    A : The hood looks very useful!

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  285. I like that the Boba carrier can be used from infants to toddlers.

  286. I think the Boba looks very comfortable! Have never tried one, but would love to!

  287. I think the Boba just looks very comfortable to wear! Have never tried one, but obviously would love to!

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  289. I love how the Boba has it’s own stuff sack! Having the straps dangle everywhere would be a nuisance!

  290. boba are so comfy!

  291. I love that the BOBA 3G carrier doesn’t need a newborn insert! This carrier would be great for my newborn :)

  292. I like the Zebra print Ergo

  293. I like that the Boba 3G infant-to-toddler carrier has foot supports for the child – I always wonder how comfortable the dangling legs are.

    • The trick (I think) is introducing them as soon as they start to actually dangle. I think my daughter got too used to her dangling legs and she just won’t use those footstraps!

  294. I like the Aussie Khaki – tho they are all attractive

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  296. im not one to beg, but wow, do i ever need one. my little one was unable to use another carrier that we bought as he was just to big and heavy. this one looks perfect, comfortable for both my little one and me or daddy :) looks amazing!!!

  297. Aussie Khaki looks nice and neutral for my hubby to wear as well :)

  298. I love the higher profile and the foot rests.

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  300. I think the foot straps are really cool!

  301. I like the Zebra print Ergo!

  302. I would have to say that the option to pick your print is my fave re: the BOBA….I actually don’t think I like the footstrap idea!

    • I have to say, I loved the IDEA of the footstraps in theory…anything to make that optimal “M” position is great, IMO. But Miss Q just wasn’t going to have anything to do with them.

  303. I like that you could get Q in and out on your own if you needed to – even on the back.

    • I think you can do this with most (if not all) soft-structured carriers; it just takes a bit of practice. I recommend trying it a few times indoors over carpet with someone standing by to help. It’s not instantly intuitive but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome.

  304. I like the option of using foot straps!

  305. The galaxy grey is my fave!

  306. I really like the foot straps. Safer!

  307. I like the Mystic Purple

  308. My favorite feature is the foot straps.

  309. On the Boba 3G it would have to be the removable footstraps!

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  311. I like Mystic Purple and Grey Galaxy is fun too.

  312. I quite like the Gallaxy Grey as well :)

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  314. I would choose the Aussie Khaki!

  315. I would choose the Aussie Khaki

  316. Well, knowing my hubby we’d have to do go with something neutral. I like the khaki.

  317. Great article of the pros and cons! I am not familiar with the colours, but the neutrals sound good. I have been using a navy Snugli that my son is quickly outgrowing!

  318. I’d go for the new zebra look – it’s kind of wild!!

  319. I go for the new zebra look – it’s kind of wild!!

  320. I would love the Aussie Khaki!

  321. I like the Galaxy Grey…a light neutral that works in all seasons.

  322. I’m actually liking the Aussie Khaki myself. It would be nice to have something neutral so my hubby could use it too.

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