Breville Precision Brewer review

We have been exclusive Breville coffeemaker owners for five years, and loved our old one so much that we got it for my parents for Christmas one year and convinced my brother- and sister-in-law to get themselves one for their new condo. Once the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal coffeemaker was available, I knew I needed to review it.

Although we both enjoy coffee, I don’t drink it very frequently and Big B has always been the bigger connoisseur between the two of us. He’s not ashamed to be a coffee diva, so he was the perfect person to test out and review the Precision Brewer. We’ve been using it since the holidays so it’s had a good three months of use!

Now, our existing coffeemaker — formerly called the Breville YouBrew and now redesigned as The Grind Control — had a built-in grinder, so Breville was kind enough to send along The Dose Control coffee grinder as well to ensure we could continue to enjoy coffee made from the freshest grinds. Let me just say that although it’s much bigger than I expected it to be, it’s an excellent grinder.

Breville Precision Brewer coffeemaker

The Breville Precision Brewer with The Dose Control grinder. (Photo credit: Kristen Recalis Photography)


Wow — what a cup of coffee! It’s hard to believe that a drip machine could be better than our old Breville coffeemaker (because we really love that thing), but in terms of coffee quality, the Precision Brewer is the clear winner. Using the GOLD setting and freshly ground beans, you would be hard-pressed to make a better cup at home. In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that it competes with artisan coffee made in a shop as well.

You can manually adjust your coffee preferences as well with the Precision Brewer. You can even change out the filters if you find that makes a difference. Then you let the coffeemaker do its thang, because it automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew time to make the perfect cup or carafe.

That’s right: make a single cup at a time or a full 12-cup carafe. And the included carafe is so super-thermal that if you brewed coffee tonight, it would still be hot in the morning. (Incidentally, this carafe also pours better than our old one, letting you get out every last drop.)

And when you customize the “My Brew” settings, you can set it up with an alarm so that you come downstairs before work each morning to a coffee befitting your own coffee diva status.

The Breville Precision Brewer also has options for cold-brewing and something called a “pour over,” which is some pretty fancy stuff. I kept meaning to try the cold brew but it takes a very very very long time and it was a busy winter. Once I do it, I’ll come back and update my review. For the pour-over, you do need to purchase add-on components and I didn’t think we would realistically use them often enough to be able to review them properly.

One other advantage we found with the Precision Brewer over our other Breville coffeemaker is that the brew time is fast. Without compromising quality in the least. This is especially appreciated during a party when you have guests who guzzle coffee faster than shooters, and those 12 cups need to be refilled pronto.

As with all of our Breville appliances, the Precision Brewer is good-looking enough to warrant prime real estate on our countertop.

Breville Precision Brewer reviews

No, this isn’t where we keep it — it tucks away under our cabinetry quite nicely! (Photo credit: Kristen Recalis Photography)

Best of all, it’s intuitive. If you lose the Precision Brewer manual, you’re not going to spend hours trying to figure out how to make coffee. It’s a couple of dials and you’re done.


If Breville took the best qualities of both the Precision Brewer and The Grind Control machines and put them together, you’d have the best drip coffeemaker on the planet. No question. What the Precision Brewer lacks that we’re used to with the YouBrew (now Grind Control, as mentioned) is a built-in coffee grinder that grinds the exact right amount of coffee and an automated water dispenser that you don’t need to actively manage with every brew. Because we have to grind our coffee separately to use the Precision Brewer, we never have the perfect amount — so we need to hold onto the excess grinds, which means they aren’t as fresh as can be for the next brew.

And while the coffeemaker on its own takes up more space than The Grind Control, it’s not unmanageable in our average-sized kitchen; however, because we need to keep The Dose Control grinder beside it, there’s a lot of space right now dedicated to coffee-making.




DISCLOSURE: Breville Canada sent me this product for review purposes; it is not a paid review (I don’t do those!). All opinions my own.


  1. Sandra Mcg says

    I like the idea that it can brew your coffee very quickly…..also love the cold brew option and thermal carafe!

  2. Joyce Kwok says

    My favourite feature about the Precision Brewer is that it has six unique brewing modes! I like my coffee brewed differently depending on when I drink it during the day and the season, so this would be perfect for brewing “Fast” in the mornings or “ice coffee” in the summer.

  3. Linda Leroux says

    I love that it has the option for cold-brewing! Have never had a coffee maker that had that option think I would love that with the summer coming up!

  4. Tannis W says

    I like that you can adjust how much you would like brewed and also how strong (or weak!) you want your coffee. I so want this!!

  5. Tiffany Sherwood says

    I love the versatility of the machine and that you can serve yourself or a family. I like speedy brewing too – sometimes you only have a second. :)

  6. Melanie Barclay says

    The cold brewing feature sounds like it would be amazing!! I also love the idea of fresh ground beans and brewed coffee!! The alarm would be awesome so I could just come downstairs and pour my coffee

  7. David Kelly says

    If I move the fruit bowl I will be able to provide the Breville with prime real estate on our counter-top. As it is my grinder is far away from my coffee maker. I appreciate that it automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew time.

  8. says

    My favourite feature is you can cold brew. I have read reviews of cold brewing and how the coffee is so smooth and sweet (without adding sugar). It would be perfect for the iced coffee season coming up soon— I Hope.

  9. Linda H says

    My favourite feature would be the Gold setting using fresh ground beans and the super thermal carafe to keep the coffee nice and hot.

  10. Barbara Copeland says


  11. Deborah P. says

    The whole package has my attention! The My Brew feature is very appealing! I drink oodles of coffee every day & my husband prefers a lighter blend than I so this would work for all of us. Oh how I have yearned for great coffee at home again,I have even been reading up on the newest Breville products, my goodness they have been busy. Yes the pod coffees are lovely but 1 use so you will need to make another then recycle each. The newest one I have is not great for fresh ground and what a mess! I need to be able to use fresh ground easily and have a couple cups ready to drink through the morning. My son has become a connoisseur of the bean as well. Very nice looking machine . Thank you for a great review & giveaway!

  12. Dana Miller says

    I think I would appreciate the great taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee using the Gold setting on the Breville Precision Brewer and freshly ground beans. I also like that it has a fast brew time.

  13. caroline m. says

    I love that it figures out exactly the quantity of beans to grind, since that’s always the hardest part for me!

  14. Dianne G. says

    I follow you and Breville on Facebook. The feature I would like the most is the GOLD setting for a cup of coffee comparable to what you would get in a good shop. I like that it adjusts the water temperature and brew time for the perfect cup.

  15. says

    I like that the Carafe is super thermal. I like my coffee to be hot-hot-hot, so would appreciate this feature. It sounds like the Precision Brewer makes the perfect cup of coffee every time.

  16. Jolie says

    Love the fact that it’s possible to make a single cup of coffee and the brew modes.
    Name on Facebook Jolie Zananiri

  17. LisaM says

    I love that I can set it all up to have coffee ready in the morning – a cup if I’m going in to the office or a whole pot if I’m working from home!

  18. Heather Sibley says

    I think my favourite feature would be the “My Brew” settings. I would love to come downstairs each morning to the smell of fresh coffee

  19. Sherry Martin says

    The freshness. Running around after a toddler I am frequently having cold coffee. Having it stay hot and be fresh would be heaven.

  20. Christine w says

    I like how you can brew as much as you want – make a single cup at a time or a full 12-cup carafe!

  21. says

    I like that you can make a single cup or 12 cups with one machine. Great feature. Only have a single serve machine and there are many times when I would love to make a pot of coffee when having company over.

  22. says

    My favorite feature would be the ability to make a single cup at a time or a full 12-cup carafe.! This is so perfect for me, thanks! I like both on facebook as Karla Sceviour :)

  23. says

    The thermal carafe! I often don’t get around to drinking my second cup so our machine is off and coffee is cold or slightly burnt if it’s left on too long. What a great sounding coffee set!

  24. shane smith says

    I’m following both pages on FB. I love that it brews quickly bc you are SO right … no one’s guests want to sit around waiting for coffee!

  25. Chantal Steeves says

    The best feature is definitely the brew a cup or a pot feature! I generally just make a cup for myself when I want a cup of coffee but find it a pain when I have a gang of company who all want a cup!

    Thanks for the chance to win this aweaome prize!!!

  26. Genene says

    The quest for a great cup of coffee would finally be over with this machine… What a great way to start my morning!

  27. LILLIAN BROWN says

    So many great features, I really like that you can manually adjust your coffee preferences as well with the Precision Brewer.

  28. Ann K says

    Wow! It’s so attractive! I love that you can make a custom amount in HOT OR COLD! I love all of my Breville products and would love to try this!

  29. krisha4444 says

    I absolutely love the different settings where you can adjust to make the perfect cup of coffee for you…and you can make it hot or cold! that is amazing!!

  30. Jennifer P. says

    Aside from the elite precision that results in a perfect cup, or pot, of coffee, my favourite feature would be the alarm that I could set so that my coffee would be ready when I come downstairs in the morning. I am not a morning person, and I need to use all my minutes wisely in order to be ready in time. I would love to save a few minutes by having my coffee already ready for me when I come downstairs to make breakfast!

    As for the contest, I like both facebook pages (as Jennifer Ward Parsons), thank you!

  31. Debbie F says

    My favourite would be that it automatically adjusts the water temperature. I like a good hot cup of coffee. With my old brewer I have to put each cup I pour in the microwave to heat it up. Ruins the taste.

  32. Kristina Milani says

    The breville precision brewer sounds like what I need! The brewing one cup, to a whole pot quickly sounds amazing!

  33. Stephanie W says

    Love it that the bree is customizable..
    Should take some time finding which you love best! And that the carafe is sst and insulated… We all get busy and sometimes you can’t get to that fresh Brew right away!

  34. jan says

    I just love the idea of also being able to make a pour over, but, I love the fact that it is thermal. The fact that the machine looks gorgeous doesn’t hurt any either!

  35. jay nelson says

    I love the quality Breville puts into their products. We always grind our own beans so I love the The Grind Control.
    I like both on Facebook! Thank you.

  36. Precilla says

    I love that customize the “My Brew” settings with the alarm feature!!!! It’s like a dream come true!!!! That’s really what I need each morning!!!!

    My Facebook name is Precilla N.

  37. debbie s says

    I like a full pot in the morning but just a cup in the afternoon so like the fact you can choose a single cup or a 12 cup brew and that you can adjust your taste preference.

  38. David Gibson says

    Omg I’d be so excited to win one of these! The fact that you can brew just one cup so easily is terrific. I’m super keen to try the cold brew function too…bring on summer!!! Big fan of your blog and also love Breville products!

  39. ivy pluchinsky says

    I seriously need this in my life! My coffee maker has died and I am currently using a very old cheap one that I found in my basement! I am a huge coffee drinker! I enjoy my morning cup of coffee and even sometimes drink one in the evening! I also enjoy iced coffee as well. My favorite feature is that you can customize the brew setting! This really sounds like an awesome coffee machine and it would actually fit on my counter! I found this funny coffee meme and had to share it – How do you feel when there is no coffee? – Depresso! haha

  40. phyllis cadwell says

    I love the single cup feature because often I am the only one needing coffee and I only drink one cup In a setting

  41. Marcello C says

    I love the flexibility of My Brew settings. That you can program it to brew a fresh pot at certain times of the day. This is an awesome machine.

  42. Joanne C says

    I love that you can make a single cup so nothing goes to waste. I also like the carafe that makes the coffee warm throughout the day. Thanks for the chance a,

  43. Jonnie says

    I would love the My Brew setting. I would definitely use the alarm to wake up to my customized coffee, just like you mentioned.

  44. Carole D says

    I love so many features! My favourite would be, being able to make a single cup of coffee and the brew setting! It’s amazing! Thank you!

  45. Susan says

    I would love the different brewing options eg. single to full pot or regular brew to a cold brew, since I like a nice cold ice coffee and husband prefers his coffee hot :)

  46. Rosanne Robinson says

    Love the flexibility of being able to make a single cup of coffee, customize it and grind the beans!

  47. Amanda M says

    I love that you can adjust the amount of cups. Some days are multiple cups some days just one or two. I like that you can control the waste.

  48. Nicole Guay says

    I love the fact that it would keep the coffee hot for so long!! And of course that you can adjust your preference each time. #BrevilleCanada

  49. Maria says

    This machine is so futuristic compare to mine 22 year old coffee maker. WOW this would look so good in my kitchen. I love fast brewing and single cup brewing ! Amazing

  50. Florence Cochrane says

    I would love to be able to adjust my coffee preference and make a single cup each time. I like both page.

  51. Andrea says

    Liked both pages! I love that you can make a single cup because sometimes I just wouldn’t bother making coffee just for me in the morning before I head to work. Too much of a hassle for one coffee, I would just buy one on my way to work. This sounds amazing!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Hannah says

    I recently have become a bit of a coffee snob myself and actually have the Youbrew now. I’m very interested to see how this machine stacks up!

  53. Treen Goodwin says

    I so love the My Brew settings , i love strong coffee and that way i can make it just the way i like it :)

  54. Cassandra Kazlovskis says

    Wow, what an amazing coffee maker. There are so many great features, that it’s hard to pick just one. I love that the carafe is “so super-thermal” as you put it. I love my coffee HOT so that would be a stand out feature for me.

  55. Sarah Smart says

    I love that you can make a single cup!! I could never finish a whole pot of coffee to myself and don’t want to waste any of those precious beans!!!

  56. Holly says

    We use the Ninja and at first from moving from a keurig we felt like we hit the jackpot! I’m not a fan of the pods, they are pricey and not good for the environment.

    The ninja was my first drip machine. Before we got the keurig we were buying 2 cups of coffee each from the local coffee shop. That was expensive (not to mention you’d be buying snacks too just cause you are there)

    The ninja was amazing to me when we first got it. I’m not loving it so much now. The cleaning light keeps coming on despite it just being cleaned. I’m not finding the coffee as crisp as I used to.

    I’d be excited to try all the different brews with Breville’s precision brewer! I think we need to go more pro over here with all the coffee we drink (thank you to our 4 wild children 😂)

  57. jemrah1 says

    I like that you can make either a single cup, or a whole pot! this would allow me to reduce my current 2 machines to one, and save lot of counter space! thanks for the chance!

  58. Elizabeth Vlug says

    A great review. Grinding your coffee beans for each pot or cup is a game changer isn’t it? I love the fact that you can set this coffee maker to have your coffee waiting for you in the morning. And that it keeps it hot without comprising the taste. Don’t you hate that burnt coffee taste? And I also love that it will brew one cup or 12. A great looking machine.

  59. Jennifer Morse says

    We currently have a very complicated coffee system that can only make 2 cups at a time. My husband is a coffee connoisseur also and we have the best beans we can source here, fresh roasted and delivered to our door weekly by bike courier. We then grind them as needed and have a chemex pour over glass coffee pot. It takes about 15 minutes to make one cup (including water boiling time) and 20 to make 2. Its good coffee but man, sometimes I want to make a whole pot or have a cup made quickly!! I think my favourite feature is that we could both use it the way we want – drip for me and a whole pot and pour over for him for one perfect cup!

  60. says

    This is one awesome machine and my husband would love to have a coffee maker such as this! I love that you can customize the “My Brew” settings!! and to have a cup of coffee that taste the same as the coffee house yum yum!!! thank you so much to be able to win this beautiful machine!!

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