Smugglers’ Notch Resort: Falcons condos review

After our stay at Smugglers’ Notch Resort last March Break, we knew a sequel was a must. And this time we were super excited to stay in the ski-in and -out Falcons condos in the West Hill Community.

Smugglers' Notch Falcons condos review


First and foremost, being ski-in/out is heavenly. Don’t get me wrong — when we stayed in the Smuggs Eagles condos last year, the on-demand shuttle service was actually pretty dreamy, but when you have little kids who still can’t quite manage all their own ski equipment, the convenience of stepping out the front doors and walking 20 paces can’t be beat.

And it’s important to mention that you ski in and out on one of the easiest green runs that can be found on Morse Mountain, which is the easiest mountain for beginners at Smugglers’ Notch. We’ve stayed in ski-in/out properties at other resorts and while our kids could ski out, finding a run they could do to ski back in was a challenge, rendering all that convenience pretty moot.

Smugglers' Notch ski in out accommodations

Stepping out into first tracks each morning was a dream!

The Falcons condos are huge. Not as ginormous, mind you, as the Eagles condos (seriously — big enough for two families of four), but still more than enough space for our little family. There were two bedrooms — one with a king bed and an fireside ensuite and one with two single beds and a queen.

Smugglers' Notch condo reviews

We had a massive living room (with a queen pullout sofa available, no less!), dining room and a kitchen with so much counter space that part of the countertop ended up being a base layer and goggles holding area.

Smugglers Notch condos Canadian at par

The kitchen is a full, bona fide kitchen with all of the comforts of home (well…except one…see gaffes). There are obviously plates, glasses and cutlery. But there are also stainless steel pots and pans, plenty of mixing bowls and a jar full of spatulas and other tools. And the King of Comfort Foods: a Crock Pot! Yes — each and every condo at Smugglers’ Notch Resort is stocked with a Crock Pot. How’s that for good thinkin’?!

Kitchens at Smugglers' Notch condos

Our condo block had its own hot tub, which Big B and the kids said was awesome — not so hot the kids couldn’t safely go in for a bit and warm enough in the cold, winter air that they were happy to stay for a good stretch.

There is also a ski locker for each condo that uses your room key to lock and unlock it. It was big enough for all four pairs of our skis and poles — with room to spare. A family of six would have no problem storing their gear in a single locker.

The mattresses are all so comfortable! And we liked having extra blankets in the closets to use on the colder nights. Though two fireplaces made the comfort factor shoot through the roof all on their own.

We came out one morning to head to the hill and saw the space around our vehicle — covered in about four of the six feet of snow we ultimately got during our one-week visit — being dug out with a snowblower. Then we saw it was a mobile Smuggs crew doing the whole parking lot. But going above and WAY beyond and maneuvering in between each vehicle to make it easier for owners to get in and out amidst the onslaught of snow. So cool of them.

The Falcons condos at Smugglers’ Notch are not only ski-in/out but also fully serviced by the free, on-demand shuttle as well. So when we wanted to go out for dinner, we could head back to the condo to get gussied up and take a shuttle to avoid driving and finding parking in the main village parking lot.

The view from any of our numerous windows was stunning. Need I say more…

Falcons condos reviews

The view from our balcony!

And I’ve saved the best for last: Canadian at par! When you book a package at Smuggs that includes lodging and lift tickets, use the phone line to register and mention that you’re a Canuck. Just for waving the ole white and red, you’ll get 25% off the package price of your choosing to make that currency exchange sting a little less. (When you arrive, though, be prepared to spend US money for food, any rentals, etc.)


Not a grater to be found in the joint! Honestly, I’m shocked. Because the Smuggs folks have truly thought of everything else. I mean, there’s a Crock Pot for crying out loud. So before we left, I made a meal plan to make grocery shopping easier once we arrived and one of my recipes called for grated cheese. So I bought a block of cheese expecting to grate it back at the condo. (Guess who ate a lot of cheese and crackers during her stay?)

I would recommend asking for a top-floor condo. We had some pretty loud stompers above us for a few nights, and while I don’t think it was malicious that didn’t make me feel better in the middle of the night.

It would have been great to have a cozy duvet instead of a micro-thin poly-blend comforter on the beds. Smuggs should also consider replacing the pillows, which were on the flat side in each room. Not the worst pillows of my life, and I know I’m a total pillow diva, but they could use an upgrade.




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    I always love your honest and in-depth review. When we return next year we def. want to stay at a ski- in/out place since our kids are still little and the convenience factor can’t be beat.

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