Chateau Beauvallon review

We have tried all different kinds of accommodations at Tremblant, both during the summer and winter months. From staying in the lower and upper villages to the mountainside chalets and in offsite but nearby lodging, our latest visit was to Chateau Beauvallon and I am thrilled to write this review and let you know about another fantastic option for your next visit to Tremblant.


Chateau Beauvallon is a beautiful property. As you drive toward Tremblant’s village, it’s along the same route just five minutes from the resort. You can’t miss its grand appearance, the exterior washed in a pale yellow with deep red accents.

Chateau Beauvallon Mont-Tremblant review

There are so many room options no matter how big your family or group is — from one to four bedrooms, and some with full kitchens. We had a two-bedroom suite that was more than enough room for the four of us.

Chateau Beauvallon suites

The living space in a one- and two-bedroom suite at Chateau Beauvallon is very similar. It’s huge!

Each bedroom had a king bed, there were two bathrooms and there was even a queen-sized Murphy Bed in the living room!

Chateau Beauvallon murphy beds

The queen-size Murphy Bed in our living area would be really convenient for larger groups.

A one-bedroom would have been more than sufficient for us, so if you have lots of kids definitely consider making this hotel your home base because you won’t feel cramped in the least.

Chateau Beauvallon reviews

This is one of the two bedrooms we had in our Chateau Beauvallon suite — both with king beds and en suite bathrooms.

Every suite has at least a kitchenette area, so you can do some light cooking and keep a few things refrigerated. Plus you can eat at a dining room table in your room as well.

Chateau Beauvallon two-bedroom suites

This is our other bedroom, which was my favourite because it was window-free and therefore pitch black at night.

Breakfast at Chateau Beauvallon is included in the price of your stay, and it’s actually a pretty good deal — a bit more than what you’d get with a continental breakfast at many hotels. The make-your-own waffle station was definitely the highlight for the kids! Then there are pastries, breads, bagels, fruit, a couple of cereals, a machine to make hot chocolate or mochas, coffee and a juice dispenser. There are even cretons (kind of like pate, it’s quite common on breakfast menus in Quebec).

WiFi is included in the price of your stay and you don’t need to do anything fancy to connect. It worked consistently during our stay.

There are also lots of parking spots around the hotel grounds and parking is free, unlike MOST of the hotels in the Tremblant village! So that’s a sweet bonus.

Chateau Beauvallon’s staff is attentive without being too in-your-face. We found them engaging and helpful from beginning to end. Housekeeping was also excellent.

One of my favourite things about Chateau Beauvallon is the free shuttle to Tremblant — for you AND your ski equipment if you don’t use the Valet Ski option in the upper village. It goes on a schedule, more or less, about every 15 minutes and takes you from the hotel’s front doors to Tremblant’s lower village. Just be sure you don’t get on the Sunstar shuttle if you can avoid it or you’ll do a tour of several area properties doing pick-ups and drop-offs. Look for the smaller shuttle that usually leaves from the front roundabout. Even if you choose to drive during the day to and from the ski hill, you might enjoy taking the shuttle at night after you’ve all had a shower and a rest…then you can have a few glasses of whatever and not worry about getting back into a car at the end of your night.

There’s an onsite restaurant that’s very good. We’ve eaten here three times now and only once had very slow service; the last two visits have been excellent! The chef’s sushi is super inventive and the night we ate there, it was buy one roll, get one free. We had four very different rolls (the one with foie gras is SO GOOD) and loved them all.

Prime Steak Sushi Bar Tremblant reviews

The Prime Steak Sushi Bar in the Chateau Beauvallon is a must-try.

The miso soup is also great, but the edamame might be a bit OTT if your kids are used to the steamed variety in the pods. These are fancy and already shelled. I love them but my edamame-loving seven year old does not. The kids’ meals are very nice and well-priced at $20 for four courses, but the salad was much too beautiful for my son to appreciate.

family friendly restaurants tremblant

This is part of the kids’ meal at Chateau Beauvallon’s onsite restaurant!

I also ordered an amaretto sour at Prime Steak Sushi Bar and it was THE BEST I’ve ever had.

Per night prices can be very reasonable considering the size of the rooms, the included breakfast and the various amenities. A quick search on a third-party hotel-booking site shows me that for a one-night stay on a Thursday in early March (still prime skiing time), a family suite is $176 for the night. This room has a separate bedroom with a king bed, a double sofa bed and a twin Murphy Bed! You could fit a family of five in this room as long as two of your kids are willing to share a sofa bed. That’s an amazing price for a Tremblant-area hotel.


Chateau Beauvallon is not in the Tremblant village; for some, this may actually be a good thing — because you can get away from the noise and action for a quieter holiday. For us, especially with two kids to get geared up and out the door each morning, being in the village is much more convenient and gets us on the hill that much sooner. This would be far less an issue for (a) those with older, more independent kids; (b) couples or adult friends; or (c) during the summer.

The variety of foods at breakfast is limited, changing only a couple of ways every other day. We stayed for four breakfasts and it was starting to feel really repetitive by the end. But, hey, it’s included, so can it really be all that bad? No. And the food itself is quite tasty anyway.



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