Bamboo Sheets Shop review

Oh, how I love good sheets. Whether they’re crisp cotton ones or silky bamboo sheets, as long as they’re white and easy to launder, I’m in. I have had the pleasure of trying this luxury bamboo sheet set from Bamboo Sheets Shop for several months. They’re 500 thread count at $375.95, which comes with fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases.


The sheet set I received from Bamboo Sheets Shop are 100 per cent rayon from bamboo, so it’s all made of natural fibres and have the hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties for which bamboo is known.

I like that Bamboo Sheets Shop uses eco-friendly Oeko-Tex Certified fabric for its sheets.

These sheets are sooooo soft! If you’ve never slept in bamboo sheets, please – I urge you – buy some as soon as possible. They’re silky without ever being static-y. They’re so soft next to your skin if you’re not accustomed to sleeping with much on. The pillow cases will help keep your blowout going even longer than it would with cotton linens.

Bamboo Sheets Shop review

I’ve been using, washing, drying and folding these bamboo sheets and pillow cases since August 2017. That’s five months of frequent use, because I only have one other set of sheets. So these are in high rotation! They still look and feel like new. There’s no pilling, no rips or tears, no beginnings of little holes. VERY impressive.


This sheet set comes with a steep price. When I compare it to the bamboo sheet sets I’ve gotten locally for around $40-80 per set, I will say that they come out of the dryer considerably less wrinkly than the cheaper sets and there is ZERO sign of wear and tear in the corners of the fitted sheet, which is the first place I normally notice holes in sheets. That said, are they four to six times better than the cheapos? Not sure I feel confident writing that. And I sure wouldn’t buy them as kids’ sheets at this price, what with all the potential for wet or pukey bedding.




Photo credits: Kristen Recalis

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