Bracelayer review

Calling all sporty types! Whether you’ve been injured or not, compression wear is something you should consider as part of your workout wardrobe. Big B and I have tried out the Bracelayer knee-stabilizing compression pants — including the women’s KXV three-quarter pants plus men’s and women’s KX2 full-length pants (at $87+ per pair) for several months.

Bracelayer review


If you’ve had a knee injury or generally feel like your knees are weak and need extra support during various physical activities and sports, Bracelayer compression pants might be a good option for you. They fit like leggings but with an emphasis around the knees by way of perforated neoprene, which — when combined with your body heat — help increase blood flow to the area. There’s also some neoprene padding in the lower back and hip areas.

The fabrics that Bracelayer uses are antibacterial, moisture-wicking and provide targeted compression.

I like how supportive the pants feel, and am appreciative of the silicone strips around the waist and ankles to help keep them from rolling. Lycra is always my friend, but especially during sports when it’s essential for optimal movement.

You really can feel the extra heat, especially in the knees, that the Bracelayer pants help generate. I had a minor knee injury last year after a fall on the slopes (where my knee twisted the wrong way), and heat was part of my rehab. So wearing these was like additional rehab while in motion, as I regained my strength and strapped my skis back on.

I have only tried them for yoga and skiing, but I bet they’re great for running. In particular for those who feel like their knees take too much impact, especially with outdoor running.

FREE SHIPPING when your order is $100+ — to both Canada and the USA. Yaaaassss!

They wash really, really well. Nothing gets warped over time and the fabrics stay and perform like new, wash after wash.

Bracelayer really listens to its customers. We were fortunate to receive men’s and women’s full-length compression pants from the brand in their first iteration. Based on our feedback and that of many more of its customers, Bracelayer made several adjustments and improvements last year, resulting in a better overall product. But…


Man, do they fit small — especially around the waist! I wear a size 8 in brands like GAP and lululemon, a 10 (or 42) in high-end designer labels and a medium-large in sports brands like Peak Performance. I can barely get my waist into the XL from Bracelayer, much less the large! Both sizes fit reasonably well everywhere else, but the waistbands are pretty tight on me. This is fine when I’m upright and skiing, but not great for something like yoga. New this year is a XXL size for women, but I will be damned if after all of my hard work at Orangetheory I’m going to order anything in an XXL.

Since testing our first few pairs of Bracelayer compression pants, the brand has come out with a warmer pair designed for winter sports. I can’t comment on them but I’m sure they’re pretty great for skiing or boarding. I wish the ones we already had were warm enough to use as a base layer but in anything beyond -10, no go.



Bracelayer is giving away two pairs!

Win the Bracelayer compression pants of your choice — with not one but TWO pairs (of either KXV 3/4-length or KX2s) up for grabs! Open to Canadians only, 18+. To enter, please go give Bracelayer some love on Facebook and then come on over and see me on Facebook, too! Once you’ve stopped by both pages, leave a comment below to let us know. That’s it! Contest closes Feb. 16, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Good luck. :)


Photo credits: Kristen Recalis. 

DISCLAIMER: Bracelayer provided these for review purposes. There is never a payment or sponsorship with reviewed items. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Brenda Lacourciere says

    Following and visited both. Amazing if this technology works. My husband is wearing compression socks right now but id love for him to try these.

  2. Amy B says

    Liked both Facebook pages. Thanks for the heads up on sizing. I have knee arthritis so these pants might be helpful for me.

  3. Sarah says

    Visited both pages, liked and followed. Thanks for the great review. I was not familiar with this brand before and feel that they would help my weak knees.

  4. says

    I visited both pages, and liked and followed. I didn’t know this type of pant existed for knee problems. I have a temperamental right knee, which is currently behaving, but it’s bound to fold at some point. So compression leggings sound like they could be a solution for prevention. Although I would also have no excuse not to exercise :0

  5. jan says

    Stopped by both pages and love the look of their product for my knee and hip injury prone runner of a husband! Great Valentine’s gift perhaps.

  6. Sarah Perry says

    These look like they would be wonderful for getting out and active with my family. I stopped he both pages and showed some love. Thanks!

  7. Mel says

    These would probably help with my weak knee, always hurts when I run now, stumbled on your blog and love it, looking forward to more great reviews, thanks!

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