Hoover REACT Cordless vacuum review

Hoover REACT Cordless vacuum reviewLook — this isn’t really my review. I’m not what you call domesticated and I am definitely not the one who vacuums at home (despite the photo below which is purely for promotional purposes!). So all of the thoughts in this Hoover REACT Whole Home Cordless vacuum review are really those of my husband and mother.

Thank you to Hoover for sending us this vacuum to review.


The look and feel of the Hoover REACT Cordless Stick vacuum are excellent. It’s not too heavy, not too tall and not too short. It’s like the Goldilocks of vacuums — just right.

Charging time is pretty fast, but — more impressively — you get a lot of vacuuming done in a single charge. The marketing material reads that it outlasts similar cordless vacuums by three times, and that seems about right to us when we compare it to our Dyson cordless. This is definitely the biggest win for the Hoover REACT Cordless because you can do a whole typical suburban house with a single charge.

The Hoover REACT Cordless auto-detects the type of floor it’s vacuuming — hardwood or carpet — and adjusts to it without flicking any switches.

This vacuum holds a lot of dirt and debris in its bagless canister so you won’t be emptying it every two minutes. In fact, you’ll be able to vacuum several times before you’ll need to dump it out. Unless, of course, your kid spills every last Rice Krispy flake in the box — not that I know what that’s like or anything.

At $379.99, this is a well-priced option for people who want a cordless vacuum.

It has LIGHTS! Check them out in the pic below. I don’t know why I like those lights so much but it’s kind of like a power button, proving it’s on and working (as if the noise wasn’t enough to convince me).

Hoover REACT Cordless vacuum


If you’ve had a Dyson, you will notice that the Hoover REACT Cordless does not have the same forceful sucking power. Not to say that it doesn’t do a very good job, just that it’s a noticeable difference. If you’ve had a less powerful brand than Dyson, you probably won’t see much of a difference and will be impressed by the Hoover REACT Cordless’s suckage. You’ll also notice that it doesn’t get into tight corners or underneath things quite as well.

It’s not the most stable against a wall in a higher-traffic area of your home. Once it’s knocked a bit, down it shall go. And down it went too hard recently and I heard a “crack” and now we have to hold the canister closed while we’re vacuuming. That, or duct tape it (ew). So, this is obviously our fault, but we’re used to keeping our vacuum in a certain spot. This one is more top-heavy than what we’ve been using, I suppose.



Who wants to win a vacuum?!

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ARV $379.99. Please note that this is open only to Canadians (excluding QC) who are 18+. Contest closes Feb 18/18 at 11:59pm ET. Prize has no cash value and the winner agrees to share mailing information with a third party, and release Hoover, Mommy Gearest and all affiliated agencies from any and all liability.

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  1. Chandra O’Connor says

    I def wouldn’t notice the diff I have a cheap vacuum that is always over heating after a tiny bit of use.

  2. Tina F says

    What an amazing vacuum . So wonderful for me with new shoulder issues but also for my spec needs son to be able to help me. Great write up that you did.

  3. ivy pluchinsky says

    I could use a new vacuum, mine is starting to make funny noises. I loved this review, sounds like an okay vacuum to me.

  4. Sarah says

    Mine fell too. The button to keep it closed popped off. I’m worried that yours broke. One more fall and mine will likely be done. Must be more careful

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