Knixwear review

I am a sucker for good undergarments. But I have very specific requirements: I don’t like underwire. I hate bra straps that slip off my shoulders. Underwear needs to be muffin top-proof. And bras must absolutely NOT create back fat. So when knixwear (which seems to have rebranded to simply knix) entered my life, I felt a sense of peace.

And it didn’t just stop at bras and undies. Oh, no… I am a full-on knixwear addict day and night now thanks to the brand’s latest foray — loungewear and pyjamas.

knixwear pyjamas

There’s an Evolution bra under that Sleep Set… Photo credit: Kristen Recalis.


knixwear uses awesome fabrics. Bras and underwear feature a moisture-wicking, odour-resistant fabric that moves with your body. They’re really thin and feel like a second skin. The loungewear is made of a fabric called modal; this is a rayon-like material made from beech trees and it’s super-soft like bamboo.

knixwear bras have good support overall, which is one thing I was worried about as someone who isn’t a dainty B-cup.

Both the bras and underwear have SUPERB pack-ability (as featured in my packing video); that is, they fold up into nothing when you’re packing them into a suitcase or overnight bag. No underwire and no seams mean you can even scrunch them into contortions and squeeze them into the most unruly crevices in your luggage. I just shoved four of them into a really tiny bag that zips into my carry-on!

The online fit guide is quite good. You put your band and cup size into a generator and it spits out your knixwear bra size. As a 36DD, my suggested size was a 7 for the Evolution Bra and the fit turned out to be mostly perfect. I am on the cusp of being a size 6 so I tried a padded size 6 for kicks and it’s much too small, so don’t fudge your measurements when ordering and go to the bigger size if you’re on the line between two sizes. The Evolution Bra is an 8-in-1. It’s reversible and can criss-cross at the back or do one-shoulder on either side. It comes with an extra set of straps, too, so no matter which side you use, your straps match.

knixwear 8-in-1 evolution bra

The 8-in-1 Evolution bra. Photo courtesy of knixwear.

For the Longevity Bra, you just order by band size. While I normally wear a size medium in “street clothes,” the band size for a 36″ is a large, so I ordered large Longevity Bras and they’re exactly right. A medium would for sure be too small and make me feel like I was wearing a hungry boa constrictor. I *so* love the fit of these, not to mention the strappy design in the back…in fact, they’ve become my daily go-to bra. And when I work out at Orangetheory, I typically put one on over my sports bra to add extra support.

knixwear Longevity Bra

The Longevity Bra. Photo credit: Kristen Recalis.

Sizing for the underwear is a bit trickier (see gaffes) and for those who like their loungewear and PJs loose, refer to the size guide and order one size up. I’m a size 8-10, but am shown here in the size large romper:

knixwear romper

I love love love this romper! (Photo credit: Kristen Recalis.)

knixwear’s refund policy is amazing. You have 30 days to try out the bra size you order and if it’s not right, the team will make it right. Even if that includes a full refund. The end.

Now for my favourite styles and general tips:

  • The athletic stretch tech underwear fabric has more give than knixwear’s everyday line, which I preferred in all the underwear styles I tried
  • The leakproof underwear is frickin’ fantastic! I wish I’d gotten ALL of my underwear from this group. Each pair has a built-in panty liner (washable, obviously) to absorb up to one teaspoon of moisture (about the same as a single tampon). This has been great for light bladder leak protection and as tampon back-up, and I swear to you — they don’t feel any different than the regular knixwear undies
  • The Everyday Performance High Rise is, unexpectedly, one of my two favourite pairs. I have never worn high-rise undies in my life but I love the way they look and feel
  • The Athletic Thong is my very favourite pair of underwear — probably ever. I’ve had other seamless thongs before and hated them because they roll and move and generally look terrible under clothes as a result. These sit flat and perfect and feel great because they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all
  • If you’re a larger-chested woman, you’re not going to be working out in these bras as a rule. But I did feel obligated to try and can assure you that if you’re in a pickle, you can layer a Longevity Bra over top of an Evolution Bra and have a comfortable high-impact workout (which I found pleasantly surprising)
  • The Longevity Bra is, hands-down, my go-to everyday bra. In fact, I loved the samples knixwear sent me so much that I bought THREE more during knixwear’s Boxing Day sale! The support is fantastic and I like that they make my boobs look smaller under clothes; the material breathes beautifully; and, as I mentioned, the strap design in the back is cute enough to be shown off
  • The knixwear V-neck Evolution Bra is my favourite of the “regular bra” bunch because of the shape of the neckline and its thicker straps, but it does lose out because it’s not reversible, which is a great feature in the regular Evolution Bra
  • The next time I order an Evolution Bra, I’m going to get the padded version. I’m usually anti-padding because it makes me look chestier than I am. And even though the padded Evolution Bra I have is too small, I can tell you that the padding is pretty minimal and really just there to hide nip-ons
  • I really LOVE both the Sleep Set and the Romper, but the overall style of the Romper is simply more “me”
knixwear sleep set

The Sleep Set’s masculine lines are met perfectly with soft fabric that makes you want to live in jammies all day. Photo credit: Kristen Recalis.

And although this has nothing to do with the products themselves, I really want to give knixwear a big shout out for using real women in its advertising. Women of all colours, shapes and sizes. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


The underwear is sized a bit small, in my opinion. I ordered larges in everything because according to the online fit guide, as a size 8-10 in pants, I should be a medium. Since I know how particular my fit needs to be — without a hint of bulge seeping out from the sides of my legs or around my hips or midsection — I sized up. Many of the styles are still just a bit tighter than I’d like. I don’t have any XLs with which to compare so I can’t say whether they’d feel too big or not.

The bra straps aren’t all the same. Some are wider than others, like the V-neck bra straps, which I like best. So when I put one on that’s on the thinner side, I feel myself wanting to change bras. This is not the end of the world (like, talk about #FirstWorldProblems already!) but it’s worth mentioning in case you have an absolute favourite strap but order a new bra in a different colour or something.

They don’t fit everyone perfectly. I had one friend who purchased an Evolution 8-in-1 bra because of me and she didn’t like the way it fit her body at all. Another friend says they aren’t supportive enough for her girls. This is the part where I remind you of the risk-free return policy…

I wanted to love the Boyshort and the Luxe Thong, and expected those to be my favourites, but I don’t find myself reaching for either among the other knixwear underwear I own. The boyshorts aren’t the right cut on me and fit nothing like my other boyshort faves from other brands, and the luxe fabric looks gorgeous but isn’t nearly as comfortable as the Athletic Thong.


Bras = 4.5/5

Loungewear = 4.5/5

Underwear = 4/5


I have personally curated this knix starter kit just for you. In it, you’ll get a romper, the bra of your choice and two pairs of underwear — to let your own personal obsession get off to a great start. Contest open to residents of Canada and the USA who are age of majority, and closes on Jan. 31/18 at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. Viv Sluys says

    I don’t think I’ve heard of knixwear before. I want to try the Longevity Bra. I love the idea of bras with no back fat and underwear with no love handles!

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    I’m new to Knixwear but love my p.j’s . I’m 51 and can’t seem to wear anything to confining or covering my entire legs. The romper looks super comfy.

  4. Angelica says

    I’ve seen Knixwear on FB and IG but haven’t bought any myself yet. I’ve never been huge into rompers but you make me want to try theirs so bad! It looks ridiculously comfy!

  5. Sarah alexis says

    I hadn’t heard about it before and I love that it looks so comfy to wear but is reliable!!! I’d love to get some for myself and my daughter!!!

  6. Leslie W-H says

    This is the first I have heard of Knixwear. Looking forward to trying the “double bra” trick for sports activities.

  7. Sam says

    I’ve never tried knixwear but as a very large chested woman I am on the hunt for the perfect bra! Im also excited to try some underwear that will keep my new mom pooch in check. Lol.

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    I’ve never heard of Knixwear before but their clothes sound amazing! Everything looks super comfy! I think I’d be most excited to try their bras because they sound so comfortable and I like that they don’t leave lines and bulges under clothes and that they give a sleek and smooth look.

  9. Caryn Coates says

    I have heard of Knixwear but have never tried them. I am most looking forward to trying the Evolutions bra

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    I have never heard of Knixwear before and wish that I could try it in store. On the other hand I would love to win this giveaway.

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    I have been looking at the Longevity for ages. I do have two Evolutions and am quite happy with them. Since you have told me how good their refund policy is, I think I will go for it!

  12. Jackie M says

    I haven’t heard of Kinx or Kinxwear before – but looking forward to try Longevity Bra and the Sleep Set! Looks so comfy!

  13. Leah says

    I’ve heard amazing things about Knix wear – the last friend of mine that tried it told me ‘everything is true!!!’ :)

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    I love the idea/look of this brand. I ordered the evolution bra Sunday night and I can’t wait to try it out. Depending on how that goes, I might be interested in their loungewear too.

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    Every time a Knixwear ad pops up I think, “I should try it out,” but never have. This review was so comprehensive and I’m really curious about the romper — I have yet to find one that works on my body.

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    I’ve never heard of them before until reading your information and review. I would love to try their sports bras. I haven’t found a sports bra yet or set with bra and boot shorts/undies that fit me comfortably yet due to my large chest and after having kids they sag so being able to keep them comfy and somewhat up, it would be great and exciting to try this brand/company and see how well and comfortable they are.

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    I never have, would love to try! I usually go for a boy short too, but I’d be willing to give the high rise a try after your review!

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  42. binabugged says

    OK so my issue with underwire is it pokes me everywhere..I’m not model slilm, I’m a 54 yr old who’s got boobs, and belly and the wire should not be poking my belly fat either…panties should not be floating up my crack unless its a thong or g-string. Should not shimmy down on their own no matter what. If this is a good product I’ll sing their praises but if it doesn’t do what its supposed to do, I’ll tell the world…don’t make empty promies lol…I wear sports bras mostly because of my stinky work and wish eveyrone the best of luck with the sweep

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