Do your winter boots have a “snowflake rating”? (sponsored post)

As a bona fide Canadian, I have learned to embrace winter. That’s mostly because I’ve figured out that being warm is the single most important thing differentiating a terrible winter experience from a magical one for me. The result? I’ve amassed quite a collection of winter coats, hats, mitts and boots over the years.

But when I walked on a slanted runway made of ice and my own boots didn’t hold up, I was surprised. I’ve spent a pretty penny on good boots and yet I slipped like crazy.

Then I put a Sperry Woman’s Powder Arctic Grip on one foot and it held me firmly in place while my other boot would have knocked me on my you-know-what.

Best anti-slip winter boots

Sperry Powder Arctic Grip boots from Mark’s. (Photo credit: Kristen Recalis Photo.)

I soon found out that these boots have something called a “snowflake rating.” The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) studies winter boots and rates them
based on what slope degree at which they start to slip. To get one snowflake, a boot has to meet the minimum standard — that is, being able to walk on a seven-degree slope without slipping (about the same slope as a sidewalk curb).

Nearly 100 boots from a variety of retailers were tested last year at the TRI, and an incredible 90 per cent of them failed to make the one-snowflake grade.

best mid-rise jeans for women

Fashion matters. So I paired these cute boots with a great pair of mid-rise skinny Levi’s from Mark’s. (Photo credit: Kristen Recalis.)

Mark’s and TRI have been working together since 2010 to set a measurable standard for slip-resistant footwear, and these fun Sperrys are just one of the styles available to help give you more grip and less slip this winter.

When you’re out shopping this year, look for three things in winter boots: warmth, comfort and performance on ice.

No, friends… fashion doesn’t come first. But since I know that’s important to many of us, I was happy to see these Sperry boots made the cut. They’re so cute that they’ll be making many après-ski appearances this winter!

Along with their TRI-approved snowflake rating, these boots have waterproof uppers and sealed seams. Sealed seams are EVERYTHING when it comes to waterproofing! But it’s their Vibram® Arctic Grip outsoles that make them so impressive on ice. A quick note about fit: they run a bit narrow so those with wider feet might need to try a different style or wear them with good, thin merino wool socks.

I probably wouldn’t have believed how slip-proof they were had I not tried them myself on that icy runway. And even though you’re probably not facing anything quite as severe as a ramp fashioned solely from blocks of ice, you can rest easy knowing that if there’s an icy patch in your future this snowy season, Mark’s has you covered.


DISCLAIMER: Mark’s compensated me for this post. All opinions and product choices are my own.

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