2017 Holiday Gift Guide: teens

I’ll admit it: this one is a little sparse.

And that’s simply because I don’t have teens yet. I mostly took things I thought I’d want for myself and shoved them into this category because I’m probably not that much more mature than your average teen anyhow. The good news is that you can still win it all (even if you decide not to give it to a teen…).


Teen holiday gift guide

Hard Candy Holiday Crackers

Hard Candy makeup holiday crackers

What is it? Behold the Christmas cracker! But without the corny joke, plain paper hat and lame trinket inside. Nope, these six crackers come with Hard Candy makeup in each one! There’s lip plumper, gloss galore, sparkly liner and an eyeliner included in this fun take on a holiday classic.

How much? $14.97

Where can I buy it? Walmart.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. face mask + hand soap

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. candy cane soap and face mask

What is it? I like pretty much everything from this company and I think your teen would, too. Plus it’s not just any soap — it’s vanilla CANDY CANE soap! It’s a limited holiday release so get it while you can. I’m not sure I’d recommend the Restorative Face Mask for a teen, but there’s a deep cleaning one that would probably be great for sensitive, oil-prone (that is, youthful) skin.

How much? $13.50 per face mask + $5.50 per bar of soap.

Where can I buy it? All of Rocky Mountain’s face masks are available here + the vanilla candy cane soap is here.


Sudio Tre earbuds

What is it? My favourite headphones ever — and not just because they come in my favourite colour pink, among others. These wireless earbuds have a new look and feel from the Sudio Sweden brand; the Tre bluetooth headphones last for hours upon hours on a single charge and deliver clear, crisp sound. Take phone calls, adjust the volume, skip to the next song… all with three little buttons. Each pair of Sudio headphones come in their own leather pouch and have a small charging cord that’s easy for travelling to school and back — or more.

How much? $125 (and even if you don’t win, Sudio is offering EVERY reader 15% off any headphones using the code MOMMYGEAREST at the checkout!)

Where can I buy it? Sudio Sweden.

The Five-Minute Journal

The Five-Minute Journal

What is it? Gratitude is something that’s become more important to me this year than any other, and I think imparting thankfulness and teaching our kids (young and old) to cherish that feeling is a huge key to long-term happiness. Even for the busiest teen, this journal can help them capture the best parts of their days, every day. Perhaps when they’re feeling down, they can look back and appreciate all the good things in their lives.

How much? $38.99

Where can I buy it? eBay.


S’IP water bottle

S'IP by S'well water bottle

What is it? If you’ve never used a S’well water bottle, then it’s definitely time to add one of these to your own holiday wish list. Introducing S’IP by S’well. Think of it as the younger, funkier model with a style unto its own. It’ll hold 15 ounces of your teens hot or cold bevvies — and keep them that way no matter how long their days get.

How much? $35

Where can I buy it? Indigo.


Win it all!

One lucky winner will win everything featured in this gift guide, valued at nearly $250! Please review the contest dates, terms and conditions carefully in the Rafflecopter widget. Lots of luck to everyone who enters, and happy holidays.

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  1. Chess Player says

    The headphones which my daughter goes through like candy would be replaced with one set that would work for her active life.

  2. misselles80 says

    I think my 12 year old daughter would really love the S’ip by S’well as she participates in every sports team there is at school and she’s always running to the fountain for COLD water! Thanks so much for the chance to win these amazing prizes! I’d split them up between my 12, 14 and 16 year old girls!

  3. doreen lamoureux says


  4. says

    I’m most excited about the Hard Candy Holiday Crackers just because I remember being so excited as a teen whenever I got makeup from my parents (they were pretty strict in terms of me wearing makeup, but my mom would cave and get me some on special occasions).

  5. Katy roherty says

    I am such a teen at heart I want it all!! Lol but seriously makeup in a Christmas cracker. How amazing would that have been at the dining table

  6. Jennifer P. says

    I am most excited about the Hard Candy Holiday Crackers – those are awesome!! My oldest daughter and all my oldest nieces would be thrilled to open those at family dinners, instead of the usual junkie ones.

  7. nicky says

    Excited about the Five-Minute Journal! What a great idea to keep some notes about interesting thoughts and things that happen :-)

  8. Dawn Rader says

    I love the journal. I think that this would be a great help in trying to reflect on what has happened throughout the day.

  9. Betty S says

    I love the 5 minute journal, wish I had journalled when I was younger. Great for when you travel or for everyday thoughts

  10. Eva Mitton-Urban says

    Ironically I was discussing about purchasing a journal for my TEEN son. Leaving for Paris on a school trip – first time ever away for any period of time – *gulp*. Don’t want to miss a moment upon return.

  11. Debbie White Beattie says

    I’m not sure if it was a mistake because you asked what baby gift item we liked the most but I’m going to answer both just to be safe. The thing I like the most on the baby list is the OEMI BABY “PARKSIDE” DIAPER BAG but the thing I like the most on the teen list is the SUDIO SWEDEN WIRELESS EARBUDS

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I presume you mean from the Teen Holiday Gift Guide, in which case it’s the ear buds for me. Wireless is always good. :-)

  13. sarah alexis says

    My teen is super into face masks – I definitely need to add ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOAP CO. FACE MASK to her gift list!!!!

  14. Tara Betterley says

    My daughter would love the water bottle and the journal. I try to encourage her to write about things in her world.

  15. Heather Howard says

    This was the Teen Holiday Gift Guide, from which my favorite item was the HARD CANDY HOLIDAY CRACKERS.
    But, for the Baby Holiday Gift Guide, my favorite item was the EZPZ MINI MAT

  16. says

    I have 2 daughters and 2 daughter in laws and 2 granddaughter lol we love Hard Candy products so for me I am most excited about the HARD CANDY HOLIDAY CRACKERS thanks for the chance

  17. Clair Palmer says

    I’m reading it as what has you excited for the baby, was a little confused asked if that was correct so I will say it STONZ INFANT SET but for this one I’m excited SUDIO SWEDEN WIRELESS EARBUDS

  18. Heather says

    As a Mom to a 16 year old girl, These are great!!! I have a hard time shopping for her and this has given me a couple of good ideas.

  19. krisha4444 says

    I am most excited about the goodies from Rocky Mountain! and also i put in my twitter name wrong. it is @krishabv :)

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