2017 Holiday Gift Guide: big kids + tweens

On to the big kids! We’ve taken care of babies and littles, and now we’re on to what I find the most fun group of people to buy for — the tweens.

Like all my other gift guides this season, I’m also offering the chance to win EVERYTHING you see here. Be sure to check out all these great gift ideas and then enter below.


Big kids’ + tweens holiday gift guide


Orange and white Nintendo 2DS XL

What is it? This is a BIG fan favourite around our house and has been since we started testing it out for my Nintendo 2DS XL post. So I had to include it in my tween gift guide — especially since it now comes in this eye-catching orange and white version. Same tech on the inside, fun new look on the outside.

How much? $199.99

Where can I buy it? Best Buy.

GUY STUFF: The Body Book for Boys

Guy Stuff - the body book for boys (from American Girl)

What is it? This funny, down-to-earth and matter-of-fact book is perfect for your tween boys! Mine read his without me, citing the deepest embarassment, but he did so cover to cover in the span of a couple of nights. It delves into physiological changes and what to expect as a boy’s body starts to mature. The comic-style illustrations and straight-shooter writing is exactly right for the target audience.

How much? $18.99

Where can I buy it? Indigo.


Skechers Energy Lights shoes for boys and girls

What is it? I can’t even stop with the rose gold this year, and SKECHERS’ Energy Lights shoes in shiny rose gold are as fantastic in person as you’d hope. There are plain matte black and white versions as well for your less-flashy kids. Charge ’em up and your kids can watch a variety of light shows on their feet. Mine really wanted these for back-to-school, but at $85 a pair, they’re even more ideal for holiday giving.

How much? $85

Where can I buy it? SKECHERS Canada.

American Girl BeForever set: Nanea Mitchell

American Girl BeForever doll set, Nanea Mitchell

What is it? We do love our American Girl dolls in this house, and straight out of 1940s Hawaii comes Nanea. She’s all about kindness and the “aloha spirit,” and Nanea’s story is rich with historical references that recount Pearl Harbour, making this BeForever doll an educational choice, too, for young readers.

How much? US$115 for the doll and book + US$24 for the accessories. ($139 for doll and book in Canada.)

Where can I buy it? American Girl or Indigo in Canada.

Transformers Squeeks

Transformers Squeeks toy

What is it? The K Man (age 9, going on 40 some days) has had a blast hanging out with this little guy. His detachable gun is about the only sinister thing about this toy, which otherwise makes cute noises and dances with eyes that light up blue and red. Hasbro got clever and ditched the on/off switch — turning this Squeek upside down for a specified amount of time powers the remote-control toy on and off.

How much? $99.99

Where can I buy it? Toys “R” Us.

Klee Kids Mineral Play Makeup

Klee Kids mineral play makeup

What is it? Makeup is something Miss Q always asks for. And instead of handing down my not-so-natural makeup from yesteryear, natural makeup designed for kids is a way better option. Klee Kids makes play makeup that’s handcrafted in USA/Canada, uses only FDA-approved ingredients, is 100 per cent non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It contains NO harsh chemicals, FD&C colours, phthalates or parabens either. All you need is a cute little case.

How much? $29.99

Where can I buy it? Tinker & Muse.


Monopoly Gamer

Monopoly Gamer

What is it? There’s something about getting a board game that just helps complete the holiday roundup. This twist on a classic will surely impress your gamer tweens, and they’ll still have no idea how good it is for their math skills.

How much? $39.99

Where can I buy it? EB Games.


Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal

What is it? Whether or not your big kid likes writing or journaling, I’m still going to suggest that this is a great gift idea for those who want to start instilling a sense of gratitude and a growth mindset early on. This is a GUIDED journal, meaning that it prompts your child to make new entries. Empowering kids with a growth mindset is all about helping them overcome challenges, learn from mistakes and persevere.

How much? US$24

Where can I buy it? Big Life Journal.


Rocky Mountain Soap Co. bath bombs + lip butter

Rocky Mountain Soap Co bath bombs and lip butter

What is it? Both my girl AND my boy love bath bombs! So don’t think of this as a “girly” gift (if you even think like that to begin with). These are large and smell outstanding — guaranteed to make any bath a party. Brimming with holiday flavour is this peppermint lip butter, too; though you may need to remind your kid not to eat it. It smells THAT good.

How much? $5.95 per bath bomb + $5.50 per lip butter.

Where can I buy it? Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s bath bombs and lip care pages.


Win it all!

One lucky winner will win everything featured in this gift guide, valued at nearly $700! Please review the contest dates, terms and conditions carefully in the Rafflecopter widget. Lots of luck to everyone who enters, and happy holidays.

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  1. Heather Howard says

    Monopoly Gamer would definitely go under the tree for my little boy! It would be the perfect game for one of our family game nights.

  2. Sandy Couzens says

    The prize on the list that has me the most excited is TRANSFORMERS SQUEEKS. Our grandson would flip if he got this under the tree :) Thank you for this Amazing Giveaway and Happy Holidays !!

  3. doreen lamoureux says

    I am so excited about the American Girl dolls . If I win, I am going to just admire it for awhile. Never had dolls like this when I was a child.

  4. Cheryl K says

    I’m most excited about winning the American Doll for my niece but all of these would be gifted to well deserving girls and boys. My friends kids are all ages and I know they would love these gifts as well. Make me the best aunt ever!!! 💕

  5. binabugged says

    The American Girl because they are crazy expensive and I really have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money on one item

  6. says

    I am most excited for the Big Life Journal but my granddaughter wants an American Girl Doll the most.These are all awesome picks for my grandchildren and would appreciate any of them.

  7. Sarah B says

    Such great gifts. My son would love the Nintendo 2DS; I loved my Nintendo Game Boy when I was a kid. Hours of fun! My daughter loves American Girl dolls. Nanea is a definite favorite also.

  8. Amie says

    Hard to pick ! But they have been wanting some SKECHERS’ Energy Lights shoes so I will pick them ! So cool ! Such a great shoe to , always comfy !

  9. Debbie White Beattie says

    My niece is young but completely in love with makeup so I know she’d love the KLEE KIDS MINERAL PLAY MAKEUP but I also love the Nintendo 2DS XL.

  10. NormaJane says

    I had not seen Monopoly Gamer until I seen it in this blog post. Perfect for my gamers. Added it to our wish list.

  11. Dianne G says

    So many nice things it is hard to pick just one. I will pick the American Girl as my favourite since I know how much one of my granddaughters wants one but it is just not in Grandma’s budget to make that dream come true.

  12. says

    All of them of course & the BIG LIFE JOURNAL is something that intrigues me I had one growing up , I love the written word & saving life moments to revisit. This is an awesome tween giveaway thank you. (Deborah P. )

  13. SUE FRAMPTON says

    Most excited for the NINTENDO 2DS XL my son would be so happy with this.Love this give a way Thanks so much

  14. Sarah says

    The tweens in my life would like everything on the list, especially the Nintendo 2DS XL or the bath products. Thanks!

  15. tiesha says

    I love all the things for the kids… but I would love the ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOAP CO. BATH BOMBS + LIP BUTTER the best!

  16. Linda Leroux says

    I am most excited about the Nintendo 2DS XL…….loved the original one this one sounds so much more awesome!

  17. lisa naccarato says

    Didn’t realize there was a body book for boys. So cool! We have the Taking Care of You book from American Girl and my 8 year old has read it over and over again.

  18. Lori L. says

    Love the list! With 5 daughters ranging in age from 5-16, there is definitely something here for each of them. My 6 year old would love the American Girl doll and the 14 year old would really love the Rocky Mountain bath bombs! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. Jay M says

    I was pretty curious to see what was going to be on this list…I find it’s getting harder and harder to shop for my nieces and nephews around this age! Personally, I would be most excited for those bath bombs (and my nieces would be too) but I know for a fact that six of my nieces and nephews would love that Nintendo 2DS XL!

  20. Nicole Caecoh Guay says

    Honestly, I am very impressed with your whole holiday gift guide. I love the natural makeup for tweens created by Klee kids. I don’t have girls but I have nieces. Of course the 2DS XL is a must have for my boys. The natural soap created in Canmore, Alberta is beautiful and makes me proud of my fellow 🇨🇦 Canadians. Great job on your holiday picks.

  21. Cheryl says

    Thank you for the slightest opportunity to win any of these items. Christmas will be tight for us this year so every little bit helps!

  22. James says

    My son would love the nintendo 2DS, my daughter would love the American girl doll, my girlfriend the bath bombs and myself the nintendo monopoly. All the products look great

  23. says

    These are all most excellent- however I would be most excited about the gamer monopoly- we have a very old version my daughter loves but has been asking to upgrade for a while- good luck to all!

  24. Jennifer P. says

    So much great stuff my tween would love!!! But the item I am most excited about is the American Girl BeForever set: Nanea Mitchell because she saw it advertised in a flyer last week and LOVED it. She would be so excited to receive this doll as a gift!

  25. Christine D says

    TRANSFORMERS SQUEEKS Is something I know my kiddos would both love! These are some of the best gift ideas I’ve seen yet!

  26. Jennifer P. says

    Just a heads up, the official American Girl Instagram page is @americangirlbrand not @americangirl which your form links to.

  27. Bernice says

    so many great tween gift ideas , my daughter would love everything but she would be most excited about they Nintendo 2DS XL

  28. Mary says

    Great list for Tweens! I’m really liking that NINTENDO 2DS XL! The new colour way is great and my son would love it!

  29. Florence Cochrane says

    I am most excited for the American Girl forever set – Nanea. Awesome giveaway. This would fill a lot of gifts on my list.

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