2017 Holiday Gift Guide: little ones

Moving on from babies, the little people in our lives can be among the toughest folks to buy for during the holidays. I’m not promising they’re going to like what’s INSIDE the box as much as the box itself, but these have a fighting chance.

Again, everything featured here will be part of a giveaway so be sure to enter at the bottom for your chance to win.


Kids’ holiday gift guide



What is it? I’ve featured these 100 per cent organic cotton PJs (designed in Canada) before, and I’m including them again in this year’s gift guide because they really stood the test of time for us. Miss Q wore The K Man’s hand-me-down Playjamas until we could no longer squeeze her into them. Wash after wash, they got softer and softer. I still recommend buying at least one (if not two) sizes up, but definitely make sure they’re snug-fitting. These go up to size 8 and Miss Q (age 6.5) is shown in the biggest size.

How much? $38.95

Where can I buy it? Playjamas.

Antsy-Pants Build & Play Kits

Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits

What is it? Part of the new Build & Play Mini Market sets, this make-your-own play kit (shown here with the lemonade stand cover — several other covers and sizes available) allows kids to create lots of different shapes and put a variety of fabric covers on to make new sets and scenes come alive. Really little kids will need some help from a grownup or big sibling to get the connectors snapped into place, and their skills will grow as they get used to the snap and click system.

How much? Small kits like this one are US$29.99 for the basic kit + US$19.99 for the cover.

Where can I buy it? Target (yep — Canadians can order from Target!).


Flip Zee Girls

What is it? These (pretty big!) soft dolls go from cute to cuter when you “flip” them into a new character. Each two-in-one doll has crazy-fun hair and is perfect for cuddling — day or night.

How much? $19.98

Where can I buy it? Walmart.

The Birthday Thief

The Birthday Thief Book

What is it? A fantastic personalized book that includes your child’s name, birthday and other personal characteristics throughout; it’s especially great for Christmas babies like Miss Q but certainly works with any child’s birthday and puts him or her at the centre of the adventure. We have had a lot of custom books over the years and this is one of the most fun yet. Even skin and hair colours are personalized.

How much? $33.99

Where can I buy it? Wonderbly.

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, Lil Sisters and Charm Fizz

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

What is it? If your kid hasn’t begged you to watch these unboxing videos on YouTube yet — just wait. It’s coming. This toy sensation from MGA Entertainment is poised to be one of the hottest gifts this season. And it’s easy to understand why once you start unzipping layer after layer to find one new surprise after another. The best part is that their price points aren’t outrageous, and these dolls are (IMO) more interesting than last year’s YouTube-driven gift (rhymes with Mopkins). Definitely not for the under-3 set thanks to some very tiny pieces.

How much? Starting at $4.99

Where can I buy it? Use MGA’s store locator.

Play-Doh Shape to Life Studio

Play-Doh Shape to Life Studio

What is it? This interactive Play-Doh game from Hasbro combines creativity and technology, allowing your youngster to see his or her Play-Doh creations come to life on a screen thanks to a free app. Hands-on and brimming with limitless possibilities, it embraces technology without being a slave to it.

How much? $24.95

Where can I buy it? Amazon.


STONZ Mittz & Bootz

STONZ Winter Bootz and Mittz

What is it? There are many reasons why these winter boots earned a rare five-out-of-five rating from me several years ago, and they continue to impress me year after year as we keep buying them. Light on the feet but as warm as any of the big winter boot brands, STONZ Bootz would make an awesome gift. Don’t forget to pair them up with the STONZ Mittz, which are a dream to put on because they go OVER the cuff of your child’s winter coat.

How much? Bootz start at $59.95; Mittz are $44.95.

Where can I buy it? Bootz and Mittz from STONZ.


Goody hair stuff

Goody hair products

What is it? From brushes designed to give you shinier hair thanks to copper bristles to those that are ouch-free when wet-brushing, along with a huge selection of elastics, hair bands and more, Goody has stocking stuffers COVERED. And if you’re like us, you lose elastics by the day so a fresh supply is always welcome.

How much? Varies; prize will be a $50 selection.

Where can I buy it? Shoppers Drug Mart.




What is it? My kids can’t get enough of slow-rise squishy toys. Combine that with blind packs (I can’t stand blind packs but the kiddos LOVE them!) and these Squish-Dee-Lish toys from JAKKS Pacific have been a bit hit. More great stocking stuffers for girls and boys!

How much? $7.99

Where can I buy it? Toys “R” Us.


Playskool Star Wars BB8 Galactic Heroes set

Star Wars BB8 Galactic Heroes play set

What is it? This HUGE play set housed in BB8’s body is hours of fun waiting to happen. For all your little Star Wars fans who thrive on imaginative play, this set also features fun lights and sounds. Requires batteries.

How much? $99.99

Where can I buy it? Toys “R” Us.


Win it all!

One lucky winner will win everything featured in this gift guide, valued at more than $500! Please review the contest dates, terms and conditions carefully in the Rafflecopter widget. Lots of luck to everyone who enters, and happy holidays.

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  1. Bryan Vice says

    I’m most excitied for the Flip Zee girl dolls my daughter would absolutley love these dolls. This is an awesome gift guide a lot of cool toys thanks for the chance

  2. misselles80 says

    So many fab ideas! I like the lemonade stand but I know my 4 and 6 year old girls will go CRAZY for the LOL Surprise! They each have 1 and loved opening it and play with them every day. They asked for another one for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Neisha Bisson says

    The product I love most withe the kids stuff you posted was the Stonz products i love there boots i haven tryed the mitz yet.

  4. Jennifer P. says

    I am most excited about the Playskool Star Wars BB8 Galactic Heroes set for my oldest and the Antsy-Pants Build & Play Kit for my youngest (although that one is probably the overall favourite for me since I know both my kids would really enjoy it!).

  5. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I am most excited about the Playskool Star Wars BB8 Galactic Heroes set. Everyone in our house is a huge Star Wars fan.

  6. Kristy R says

    I love those pjs!! So fun! My daughter really wants the LOL surprise dolls. She got pretty excited when she saw them on the screen!

  7. says

    STONZ MITTZ & BOOTZ are such fantastic boots for little feet and they go on quick & easy. (I guess that is a Mom thing lol) The PLAY-DOH SHAPE TO LIFE STUDIO would be fun do play with the kids.

  8. Amie says

    I love the birthday thief book , I always love the personal touch and for kids they get so excited to see themselves in the story ! Such a great idea ! I think every kid would like that !

  9. Debbie White Beattie says

    I love the Build & Play Mini Market sets because they can get many hours of pretend play and in the summer they can really sell some lemonade or whatever set they choose

  10. Nancy T says

    My girls would be super excited to receive the LOL Doll…for me I like the Goody products! 2 girls with hair to their waist means lots of elastics and hair products.

  11. Amanda Fontaine says

    I am most excited about the Goody Hair Stuff. WIth a 12 year old who is always taking my hair elastics, this would come in great! LOL

  12. Joni says

    I`m excited for the FLIP ZEE GIRLS. My niece has a doll that goes literally e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! with her. Wonder how she`d take to those

  13. Bernice says

    oh my goodness so many great ideas , my daughters & my granddaughter would love the L.O.L. surprise dolls lil sisters & charm fizz

  14. Jonnie says

    I’m excited about the PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET. It looks like so much fun and would make a real “Wow” gift!

  15. Lisa says

    I like that the toys spark creativity and imagination! The pjs look especially comfortable; too bad they’re not in adult sizing!

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    STONZ MITTZ & BOOTZ, these would be super for my grandson who’s just moved from Australia to Europe and the whole family is freezing – it’s +12 C, LOL

  17. sarah alexis says

    I think everything here is great – the FLIP ZEE GIRLS will make a great gift for my friend’s daughter!

  18. Dianne G says

    There are so many great items. I especially like the Antsy Pantsy Build & Play Mini Market sets. I like being able to change it with just a new cover.

  19. NormaJane says

    Hard to choose which one since they all are incredible. The ANTSY-PANTS BUILD & PLAY KITS stands out first. Our tiny community has a lot of summer activities. It would be great for the kids to have such a wonder Lemonade Stand for the many times our community has social events. I can see it getting a lot of use.
    Of course the PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET is on everyone”s wish list this year. Big kids too :) We love our StarWars BB8 in our house

  20. Susan V Stirling says

    The Goody Hair Stuff excites ME because my sweet little Fi has FINALLY got enough hair to style! That said she asked me yesterday for one of the LOL dolls.

  21. Sandy Couzens says

    The gift I am most excited about is The PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET. Our little guy is 5 and Loves Star Wars. This would be a Fantastic Christmas gift. There isn’t a gift on this list that we wouldn’t Love. Thank you !!! :)

  22. Steph Fast says

    I would be giving these gifts to my 4 year old niece and she loves StarWars so I am most excited about PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET

  23. Julie says

    Lots to love! We can always use hair accessories, my boys would love the Star Wars set and love the cute boots and pj’s!

  24. ivy pluchinsky says

    I think my niece would just love the The L.O.L. SURPRISE DOLLS! I would be excited to watch her open them too.

  25. Sandi Tymchuk says

    A very nice selection of gifts: the PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET captures my imagination the most!

  26. Tara Betterley says

    Love the ideas.. My niece would love the Flip zee girls and what little girl wouldn’t love some goody products.

  27. Rosanne Robinson says

    My hubby and grandson are huge Star Wars fans, they would have a blast with the Playskool Star Wars BB8 Galactic Heroes set.

  28. Holly O'Brien says

    This is a great list of gifts! A lot I had never heard of before which is fantastic! Those Pajamas are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. says

    The flip zee girls dolls remind me of popples which were around when I was a kid, but with a much more playable aspect to them as they are a doll not just a fuzzy animal. Also, are those mystery squish toys made of a foamy material like a stress ball, or a more plastic sticky kind?

  30. krisha4444 says

    Oh my word!!! The FLIP ZEE GIRLS are totally adorable. What a clever idea. I love that you have the best of both words of having a doll and a baby. These are sooo neat

  31. Lia says

    I love your contests and all the products you put up for grabs!!! With this one my favourite is the goodies products because I can NEVER find them in the morning but my girls would probably be most excited for the either the LOL dolls, Flip Zee Dolls or even the jammies! Good luck everyone!!!

  32. Treen Goodwin says

    My grandson would flip for the PLAYSKOOL STAR WARS BB8 GALACTIC HEROES SET he’s a star wars freak my granddaughter would love the L.O.L. SURPRISE DOLLS, LIL SISTERS AND CHARM FIZZ , so many awesome gift ideas :)

  33. Carrie Bradt says

    Love the ideas this year! I am most excited about lol dolls. I never knew what they were but this is totally something my daughter would love

  34. Betty S says

    I am most excited about the FLIP ZEE GIRLS. There was a doll out there years ago that my daughter played with all the time. will be great for this next generation

  35. Jennifer Morse says

    I love them all!! Your gift guides are always the best! The Play-Doh Shape to Life is super cool. But I also love the idea of Stonz mittens that go OVER coat sleeves. Genius!!

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