Smugglers’ Notch: The North Hill Community, Eagles

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There’s something to be said about lodging that really feels like a home away from home. And that was what our kids said over and over about the Eagles condos in The North Hill community at Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont.

Admittedly, our condo was probably as big as our house and far more space that we would likely rent for ourselves if we weren’t hosted. It had three bedrooms, just like home. A living room and dining room, just like home. A full kitchen, just like home.


Like I said, our condo was spacious. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, full cooking facilities, space to spread out and two fireplaces under which we could warm our toes (or socks and boots each morning before putting them on), our Eagles condo had every comfort we needed.

Ski-in and ski-out lodging at Smugg's

Just a fraction of our living space at Eagles. Through that French door, there was glassed-in patio, and off to the left, there’s a big flat-screen TV and fireplace in the living room.

With one king bed, one queen bed and four single beds divided between our three bedrooms, we could have easily fit another family of four in with us. Good to know for our next visit.

condos for big families at Smugg's

In the third bedroom, there were FOUR twin beds. FOUR!

The Eagles condo at Smugglers’ Notch was so spanking clean. Nothing looked dated or worn and it was absolutely spotless when we arrived.

There are only six condos in the entire Eagles complex. So it’s generally a pretty quiet place to be, which is nice when you want to head back to your place to relax after a busy day.

Eagles is situated right beside an awesome indoor pool, and it’s far less busy than the “main” pool because it’s, well, not the main pool. When we were there on a Saturday afternoon, there was one other family and a group of about six adults, who were using the hot tub. Bliss.

indoor heated pool at Smugg's in Vermont

We loved all the local artwork on the walls in the Eagles hallways and in our condo. The commitment to showcasing Vermont artists is impressive.

I absolutely LOVED our king-sized mattress. We have a TEMPURpedic at home, which I thought I quite liked, but this memory foam mattress was even better! I slept like a baby. You know, until my babies woke me up.

No non-stick cookware! And, yes, this is a GOOD thing. There was a note on the fridge about the potential dangers of non-stick pots and pans and Smugg’s is committed to being safe. That means all of the cookware is stainless steel. That’s what we cook with at home now, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it in our condo, too. The added décor bonus in our Eagles kitchen? Granite countertops.

best condo kitchen at smuggler's notch

The fireplaces are on timers, so you can choose 30, 60 or 120 minutes of roaring flames. It was great not to have to remember to turn them off as we came and went each day.

Having ski locker storage on the main floor, alongside a house phone to call the shuttle when you’re ready to walk out the door, was really convenient.


The Eagles property is not ski-in/out. It’s easily accessed by Smuggs’ free shuttle, but you definitely don’t have the on-hill convenience you’d have with some of the other lodging in The Notch. We never waited more than 10 minutes for a shuttle, since they’re on-demand, but because there’s no ski valet at the hill, we did have to schlep our skis each day.

You will hear the people directly above you if they walk around with their ski boots on. The good news is that obviously the timeframe in which this is happening is during daytime hours. So unless you have a light napper, it’s unlikely to really affect you.

If you’re expecting the Ritz, you’re not going to find it here. Other than the kitchen (with its granite countertops and stainless appliances), the décor is not ultra-modern five-star. As I mentioned above, the condo was scrupulously clean, but you need to go in expecting more “country bumpkin chic” than anything super contemporary. It’s perfect for a ski chalet and it makes it easy to feel like you can just chill.

I really think Smugglers’ Notch needs to make one specific change: bedding. Fluffier, cozier pillows and down comforters for every bed. The pillows were fine but nothing compared to the awesome mattress. And the comforters were those thin, motel-style ones and they just didn’t fit the rest of the condo, IMO. Plus, if I’m there in winter, I want a down blanket to keep me warm at night!



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  1. Eliz T says

    Looks AMAZING! I love having access to a full kitchen when I’m on holidays so I can cook a few meals with local foods!

  2. Sara Vartanian says

    Can I tell you how much I love having a separate bedroom from my kids on holiday. It helps make me feel like I got some needed space after soooo much amazing togetherness and a good sleep! Love the fireplace timer, and the overall cozy feel.

  3. Sonja says

    Looks like an awesome getaway for families. Especialy with a baby it’s not easy to find suitable getaways. Would like to try it out one day.

  4. Maria McLachlan says

    This looks like so much fun. It would be great to embrace winter and enjoy a family vacation all in one. My husband can ski well but I don’t know how and kids haven’t tried yet. This year though my son is in Grade 4 and there is a pass available to Grade 4 and 5 kids in Canada that costs like $30 and allows them to ski 3 times at each ski hill! He also has a ski trip with school coming up in few weeks. So if he likes it could help us all get out there!

  5. Mike says

    My parents took us here once as kids for a family vacation. It was the first time I ever skied and I remember having such a blast. I have always hoped to take my own kids one day and now you’ve reminded me that I should get planning!

  6. Kristy Elizabeth says

    That kitchen is AMAZING! (Nicer than mine!). I could totally picture my family enjoying a stay here! My dad has been to Smuggler’s Notch many times and always said he’d take me one day. Unfortunately, that never happened. I would love to experience this. :)

  7. Stephanie R. says

    The Eagles condo looks amazing! I can’t believe how big and spacious it is. And the kitchen is just beautiful! :)

  8. Jules says

    Our family needs a vacation so badly! We have never had a family vacation. My husband and I haven’t been away in 8years. Would love to win this


    My family moved to canada and now celebrating our 10th anniversary of being here and all a Canadian citizen, since me move here we have not have a chance for the family to be out of the country as we’re the one organizing to bring our family abroad for a visit. So I think this 2018 is the time that we have to treat our famiky, although it’s a small family to be able to bond again by spending a quality vacation away for the very first time in a century. This Eagles cnd9 seems a great alternative for travelling and a place with a cmplete amenity.

  10. Elizabeth says

    This place looks exactly what my family with three boys could use right now. Absolutely gorgeous looking and with some much to do.

  11. says

    This place looks and sounds amazing and just like a ski chalet should be. I love the timers on the fireplace because I’m one that would forget to turn it off or at least worry all day that I forgot to do it. Thank so much for sharing.

  12. Brian Hwang says

    The facility looks great! My son just picked up skiing in the past year and is already blasting past me on the slopes so this would be an awesome vacation!

  13. Ewa says

    This sounds amazing! My husband is a snowboarder and my 5 yr old is very keen on learning. Me and my almost 3 year old would have a blast here too!

  14. Holly Myke says

    We’ve never had a cold family vacation. I’d love nothing more then to get my family out in the cooler weather and have some fun, enjoyable time together.

    These rooms look amazing to relax and unwind in too!

  15. Patricia Sullivan says

    My husband always says he prefers the cold to the heat, so this kind of vacation would be ideal! And our kids would really like to try skiing or snowboarding. Great place!

  16. Rachel C. says

    I have never been to this resort! Think it would be wonderful for our family of 4. We haven’t planned a vacation yet this year.

  17. Nicola Geary says

    Aw, I went to Smugglers Notch when I was 7 and have AMAZING memories (despite an out-of-control ear infection that ruptured an ear drum). I’m pretty sure I still have my medal I won from one of the kiddie ski races!! Would adore to give those memories to my kids!

  18. Stephanie says

    My parents used to take us here when we were kids .. in turn, I would love to my kids here one day! Great memories!

  19. Nina says

    What a beautiful place! Definitely one on the wish list for ski vacations with the kiddos. Thanks for giving a chance to win such a great giveaway!

  20. Cheryl B says

    My 4yr old loves skiing! This is a beautiful part of the country & would be an amazingly fun trip. We’ve been to an Ozone before & they’re great.

  21. Joanne C says

    Looks awesome. I love staying in condo/apartment like accommodations. It’s spacious and you have an option to cook

  22. Natasha says

    Looks amazing. My husband and 8 and 6 yr old sons love skiing. Next up…is getting myself and 2 year old daughter on the slopes with them.

  23. Lara Morin says

    When you initially posted about your vacation experience here I sent the info to my husband!! The place looks amazing and I would love to bring my 3 young kids for a winter holiday next year. The icing on the cake was true dollar at par! Fingers crossed!

  24. Sarah says

    with a family of four, it’s not cheap to find somewhere to go that has something for everyone. This looks spectacular!

    • Kristy Elizabeth says

      Lol! Try finding something for a family of 5! It’s almost impossible! The “Add-on” fees for having a “large” family are insane!!

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