Moto Z Play & Moto Mods review

In the past five years, I’ve owned or tested three iPhones, two Samsung smartphones, and the budget-minded Idol3. Quite a variety. And yet none hold up to the versatility I’ve found in the Moto Z Play and its complementary Moto Mods.

I’m so grateful to Motorola for letting me play with not only the best smartphone I’ve used to date, but all of the ultra-fun mods and its Moto360 smartwatch, too. So bear with me as I take you through it all.

Thanks also to TELUS for the always-reliable service when I’m testing new smartphones. Love you guys.

Moto Z Play


Hot damn, I love this phone. About two weeks into my review period, I messaged my pal at Motorola* to tell her I could easily give up my iPhone for the Moto Z Play.

When she asked why, at the top of my list was battery life. Even without the Power Pack (which I’ll get to later), the Moto Z Play has a longer-lasting battery than even the Samsung Galaxy series — which, before now, reigned supreme in my experience. With very heavy use, from 6 a.m. NON-STOP until midnight, it’ll last. And I’m talking conference-or-event heavy use where there are photos, videos, emails, tweets and such happening without so much as a snack break. At the end, you’ll still be able to call a taxi.

However, if you’re more of an average user who has the phone on standby and maybe sees a couple hours of heavy use a day, you won’t need to recharge your Moto Z Play for two days. Maybe three if you’re an ultra-light user. I once got 48 hours out of a single charge with moderate use. Like my friend Tamara from Globe Guide, who also recently switched to the Moto Z Play, I’ve stopped carting around my external batteries, because I just don’t need them anymore.

Charging the battery is fast, too. While the Moto Z Play doesn’t come with a charging cord you can plug into a USB port, it does come with a hardwired cord for any electrical outlet that allows the phone to “Turbo Charge.” In a hurry? No bigs. The Turbo Charge will get you nine hours of power in 15 minutes. Yeah. I’ve tried it (multiple times), and it’s not just a marketing claim.

But what ties for first place in my long list of favourites has got to be the camera. And a camera is huge for me because I’m constantly snapping what I hope will be my next greatest Instagram pic. Like this one:

And it’s not just about the photo quality but also about the level of control I have as I’m taking the photo. (Remember, too, that I haven’t even gotten into the camera Mod, which gives you even more photographic options.) Being able to manage the exposure composition right on my smartphone screen means I can instantly adjust to nearly any lighting conditions in an instant. This is something that’s much harder to do — even on an iPhone, where you can touch a darker area to lighten it overall as you’re composing your pic.

I love being able to get closeup details -- using only the Moto

I love being able to get closeup details — using only the Moto Z Play’s built-in camera.

The Moto Z Play has a dial that comes up on the screen that allows you to adjust lighting with a shocking amount of precision considering it’s a phone. So that means if you’re taking a pic into the sun, subjects don’t necessarily have to appear as silhouettes — unless you want them to. Similarly, as lighting conditions worsen, you can dial up the amount of light your camera will let in so it doesn’t affect your shot. Even white-on-white pics in a snowy environment end up with good contrast:

I like the size of the Moto Z Play. The screen is big enough to watch Netflix, but the frame is thin and light enough to hold onto really comfortably — even for my kids.

Speaking of the screen, picture quality is amazing. Crisp, clear and fast — so there are never any weird pixelated lags during gaming or other quick-motion scenes.

The entire system is intuitive. Everything is simply where it should be. Whether you need to switch in and out of airplane mode, adjust settings or find a new app, it’s easy. There are shortcuts that make sense, too.

Have you tried the fingerprint sensor on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? The former is reasonably good and the latter is annoying at best. But the Moto Z Play is a game-changer in fingerprint security. It works with utter consistency and zero effort. Sometimes, when I move my thumb over the sensor, it’s so lightning fast, I get all Jack Bower working in the belly of CTU.

This same sensor also puts the phone to sleep instantly. I’m telling you, this little guy is magic. 

Plus, while your phone’s resting, you can wave your hand a few inches above it to get a quick read on the time. It’s the little things…

Another bonus over the newest iPhone 7 lineup is that there’s a headphone jack. I can’t even imagine a smartphone without one, even with all of the Bluetooth technology available. The Moto Z Play still has one. Phew.

Since it’s been kinda cold outside, and I’ve been spending an excessive amount of time outdoors skiing (at Holiday Valley, Panorama, in Coldwater and Park City, to name a few), I can tell you with confidence that the Moto Z Play stands up to winter. While my iPhone would shrivel up and die if I put it in my ski jacket, my Moto never fails me.

Space-wise, I don’t know how I ever dealt with less than 32 megs of memory. Now, I can save hundreds of pics and queue up several hours’ worth of TV shows and videos to watch in transit before I need to delete anything. Of course, because I’m connected to this wonderful Android device using my Google credentials, all my photos are also uploaded to the Google cloud. Extra peace of mind is always a good thing.

I know this is a teensy-weensy thing, but the fact that the Moto Z Play came with a branded pin that I could use to open the SIM card/SD port.

It’s hard to talk price because there are so many different mobile service providers who offer deals all the time depending on your situation. I’ve even seen some retailers offer the phone with a free mod for signing up on a specified contract. Through TELUS, as one example, it’s $0 right now on a two-year term. Certainly worth checking out if you need a new phone. But an unlocked, no-plan Moto Z Play rings in at around $650.

One of the biggest advantages to the Moto Z Play, of course, is in its customization thanks to the Moto Mods. These are the kind of innovative tech that we’ve come to expect from Apple, and they’re what now sets Motorola apart from every other smartphone brand, in my opinion. Because there’s just nothing else like it on the market. I’ll get into all of the Mods (and tech wearables) themselves below, but I’ll note here that the magnets are very strong and the integration seamless.

Although I’ve dropped my Moto Z Play a number of times — including onto stone-cold school parking lot pavement — and it has only a few nicks around the frame to show for it, you need to be careful. Because…


The screen isn’t shatterproof, nor does it have a Moto case that wraps around the edge of the screen to protect it. Same goes while all of the Mods are in use. So — seriously — be careful.

If you get the fabric Moto Style Shell, you might find it slippery. I thought it was harder to keep a good grip while typing with the fabric versus the wood-style shells. But even they could be grippier.

My word, the keypad drives me mental with its latest update. I know Motorola uses Google keypads but feel strongly they need to help correct the annoying tendency to now go into Emoji Land while you’re simply trying to use the spacebar.

The only real complaint I have about the Mods (and I’ve expressed this to my Moto friend numerous times) is that there’s no master case available for all of them. Some don’t even come with a case of their own, which is just kind of strange. But a sleek accordion-style case into which I can slide every Mod would be very welcome indeed.

Once the Mods are attached, you can absolutely still use the Moto Z Play as a smartphone, but it’s cumbersome and heavier in the hand. So although you can multitask until the proverbial cows come home, you’ll feel it in your finger joints and wrists if it goes on too long.



Moto360 smartwatch

Moto 360 smartwatch.

The many faces of Moto360. Using the Moto Connect app, Android Wear is easily personalizable. (Can you guess which one I use?)

What’s it do?

Like any smartwatch or Android Wear, the Moto360 (2nd generation) will alert you when you have an incoming text or an upcoming appointment in your calendar. Those are the basics you’d expect. What you might not expect is that it works not only with any of Motorola’s phones, but also with an iPhone. And while you won’t get the same number of bells and whistles when connected to iPhone, it still works incredibly well (I know because I tried).

Wireless charging and great style are two of the fine hallmarks of the Moto360, and I liked being able to customize the watch-face, dim it with one hand and get both heart-rate monitoring and pedometer readings at the flick of a finger.

One word of warning: heavy users may find that the battery life won’t last from morning until the wee hours. Turn off non-essential notifications to help preserve battery life.

This watch makes me happy.

How much is it?

$379 (though some models can currently be found on sale).

Who’d use it most?

Those who don’t want a bulky smartwatch. I’ve had smartwatches in the past that were huge, heavy and masculine. The styles from Motorola are way more design-savvy, too. Some are unisex, but the rose-gold watch with blush band (the one I have) is ultra-feminine, light on the wrist and goes with everything in my closet. I haven’t even seen an Apple Watch yet that could that.

The Moto360 is also perfect for those spend a lot of time at events or meetings where it’s uncouth to keep your phone in-hand but also need to monitor what’s coming through.

JBL SoundBoost speaker mod

Speaker for Moto Z Play.

Photo courtesy of Motorola Canada.

What’s it do?

Snap this little speaker onto your Moto Z Play and listen as the sound goes from zero to 10 in an instant. Although it doesn’t pack as much punch as, say, a Bose sound dock, for its size and price, it’s frickin’ impressive. Take it to the beach, cottage or chalet for true portability that will amp up your environment with great-quality sound.

It’s also got a built-in kickstand to keep it upright and let the music flow. Oh, and it adds 10 hours of extra battery life when fully charged, too.

How much is it?

$99 (a steal!).

Who’d use it most?

People who tend to have impromptu social gatherings, après-ski parties or live in a smaller space where a full-blown speaker system just isn’t necessary. We’ve taken this little guy all the way to Tremblant, and we’ve used it successfully during smaller house parties. Taking it outside for a pool party if you have a large backyard might start to get dicey as the sound might not carry far enough, but it’s perfect for even the biggest condo balcony.

Moto Insta-Share projector mod


Photo courtesy of Motorola Canada.

What’s it do?

Boy, this thing is cool. It projects whatever’s on your phone up to 70 inches. Yes — bigger than my large-screen TV. And as long as you’re in a dark room, and projecting onto a light, flat surface, the image is shockingly clear. My kids have even watched two-hour movies thanks to the Moto projector mod.

Just be aware that unless you have access to a pretty dark space, the picture will suffer. But set up in a basement or a bedroom with doors closed and curtains drawn? Wow. It’s one of those you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kind of things.

How much is it?


Who’d use it most?

Those who refuse to spend two grand on a TV. Parents whose kids want to watch YouTube in a bigger way while staying in hotel rooms. Cottagers who are sick of the tube TV that came with their cabin.

Incipio offGRID Power Pack mod

Battery pack for Moto Z Play.

Photo courtesy of Motorola Canada.

What’s it do?

This battery pack adds a whopping 22 hours of battery life to your already battery-awesome Moto Z Play. I’m not kidding when I tell you that you can get three days of moderate phone use out of a single charge when this Mod is connected. It does make the phone thicker and heavier, but the backing is nice and grippy and it’s still not so big that it won’t fit into a clutch at night.

Seriously — this one’s a must.

How much is it?


Who’d use it most?

Anyone who finds they need to carry around external batteries to get through the day. Say “sayonara” to those puppies!

Hasselblad True Zoom mod

Photo courtesy of Motorola Canada.

Photo courtesy of Motorola Canada.

What’s it do?

I get a little giddy showing this off to people. The camera mod takes your Moto Z Play, which — as I mentioned earlier — is already a strong contender when it comes to photography, and gives it more manual control and a killer zoom.

So you know when you try to zoom in on a subject or scene with your smartphone and it starts to get all grainy? The Hasselblad zoom lens attachment gives you the power to zoom in and capture all of the beautiful detail you know is there…if you can just get close enough. With this, you can.

Moto Z Play with Hasselblad camera mod.

Taken at the Royalton Cancun from at least 100 feet away from the action. With fiery fast-action. In the dark. No flash.

The Xenon flash and Hasselblad lens will have you shooting like a pro with the press of a button. I just can’t get enough of this Mod.

Capture modes include regular photo, panorama pics, videos, professional night landscape, night portraits, sports, day landscape and backlight portrait options. You know — just a few.

Like a good DSLR, you can even shoot in RAW format. Try doing that on your iPhone! (Just keep in mind that you may have to add memory/storage by using the built-in SD card slot that allows up to 2TB more space.) And, of course, you can share all those stunning shots immediately — via text, email or social media. Because, after all, this is still your smartphone.

How much is it?


Who’d use it most?

Budding photographers and Instagrammer wannabes need this mod, as does anyone who wants a 10x optical (4x digital) zoom lens that works for both photo and video, and then gives you the convenience of smartphone features.


I am so, so thrilled to be able to offer one very fortunate winner the entire lineup featured in this post. Yep — you could win a Moto Z Plus with a Style Shell**, four (4) Moto Mods and a Moto360 watch** of your very own! Total prize value is nearly $2,000 (!!!). Enter below or on my contest page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* DISCLAIMER: I have a pal at Motorola because she used to work where I work, which is a PR agency. We are still the agency of record for Motorola. I do not, however, work on the business or have anything to do with the team or programming. No one asked me to review this phone or the Mods. I asked, because I thought it looked really cool. Obviously, all opinions are my own.

** Style Shell and Moto360 watch styles subject to availability. Winner will not have the opportunity to choose.

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  84. Debbie White Beattie says

    The things I’m most excited about is the camera with its zoom and lighting abilities plus the battery lasts longer. So I guess the question should be, what don’t I like about this phone and my answer; There’s nothing I don’t like about it

  85. Daniela Plume says

    I love all the mods but perhaps I love the jbl speaker mod the most because I love great music quality and this promises to deliver.

  86. says

    My favorite mod would definitely be the JBL SOUNDBOOST SPEAKER MOD . I have having to stick my phone in a metal bowl or glass cup just to try to get a louder sound you actually enjoy some music on my phone .
    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  87. josephine evans says

    LOVE the Moto Insta-Share projector mod. I think this is a great feature that I would use often.

  88. Tricia Cooper says

    The Moto Mod I am most excited about is the Hasselblad True Zoom mod because I love to take pictures and this would take them to the next level!

  89. says

    Wow! What a prize pack . . . incredible looking technology!! My kids constantly squabble over who gets to hold mommy’s phone while they’re watching youtube videos in my bed. The projector would be a weekend morning game-changer around here.

  90. Krista Embertson says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom sounds amazing. Cause I don’t have 15,000.00 for an actual Hasselblad but this would be a fabulous choice for True zoom

  91. Patricia Fretz says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom is the mod I would love the most, but they all sound great. I would love to see what it could do for my photos.

  92. Rachel says

    True Zoom or the Offgrid Power Pack. When I work out of the office it is for many hours at a time (often without an opportunity to stop and charge it) this would be amazing….

  93. Debbie Bashford says

    The HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM is the one I would be playing with all the time, I love to get up close photos and to be able to do it on a phone would be awesome!!

  94. Andrea W says

    I’m most excited for the MOTO360 Smartwatch! That’d be handy in meetings (so I’m not checking the time) and they look great too!

  95. Eliz says

    The True Zoom mod looks amazing! I used to always use my DSLR but the smartphone became too handy…although the pics would never compare but now with a zoom mod?!!!! Oh my goodness!

  96. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom mod is what has caught my fancy, the main reason being that my present phone has a horrible camera that never seems to want to zoom in at all, so this would be perfect for me, thanks for the chance :-)


    I would love to win that phone. I must be the only one on the planet who doesn’t own some kind of smart phone.

  98. Shelley N says

    I am most excited about the MOTO INSTA-SHARE PROJECTOR MOD since it would be really great for travelling and I would love to see the images projected

  99. doreen lamoureux says

    I don’t have a cell phone yet and just joined instagram so really need a phone. lol I love that the phone has 10x optical (4x digital) zoom lens

  100. Janet M says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom mod looks so amazing. It appears to be easy to use with wonderful clarity.

  101. Betty S says

    I think the MOTO INSTA-SHARE PROJECTOR MOD would be great We often show pictures off my camera to Grandparents and to be able to project on the wall for better viewing would be awesome

  102. Heather A says

    I’m most excited about the camera. So great to be able to take quality pictures with just your phone and these pictures look awesome.

  103. says

    The Insta share projector is VERY COOL!! The next thing I love is the The Moto Z Play has a dial that comes up on the screen that allows you to adjust lighting .. I ALWAYS struggle to find good lighting to capture the perfect pic with my phone and this excites me!! Wonderful amazing prize!!

  104. Jay Nelson says

    At first I was going to reply saying: The camera. But I really thought about your remarks on the utility of the MOTO INSTA-SHARE PROJECTOR and can think of many great family uses for it – and how portable. It would be great for long family visits, sick bed-ridden children, a second TV etc. A very unique product.

  105. Ryan B says

    The HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD is the one I want most. As I use my Cell as my primary shooter and a better Zoom would be greatly appreciated.

  106. Bernice says

    i like the insta share projector , that seems like it would be fun to use , my kids would love that feature

  107. Kay L Abbott says

    the Hasselblad zoom lens so I can get great pitcures of my grandchildren without them possing-more natural pitcures

  108. Darlene Demell says

    I like the Hasselblad True Zoom mod. I am always trying to get better pictures and this will zoom in really great.

  109. edmontonjb says

    I’m excited about the INCIPIO OFFGRID POWER PACK MOD because I always forget to charge my phone


  110. says

    I grew up in a house where awesome sound was everything! That’s why I love the JBL Soundboost Speaker mod, it would give those bass notes & deep sound that phones just don’t have. I want to feel like I’m listening to a stereo!

  111. says

    I am most excited about the Hasselblad True Zoom lens and the reason is I like to shoot birds and it would be great if I could zoom in as I can only get so close without scaring them.

  112. Lisa bolduc says

    Hmm. I would think I would like to try ry the Hasselblad zoom lens mod so I can take lots of pics of my kids

  113. Amie says

    I am most excited to try the camera ! I love taking pictures , it makes me happy and it would be amazing to have a good one with me !

  114. says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom is the one I covet most. I managed to find a place to live with an amazing view and every pic I have taken with my crappy phone has been a big disappointment. All of the Mods are appealing. I really enjoyed this review – you made me want this phone a LOT! Well done. :)

  115. says

    I love everything about this! That said, the battery life is amazing. I love that I could actually get through a day of taking pics and not having to stop to charge which is a major pain as it slows up my progress for completing blog posts.

  116. Wendy hutton says

    HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD as I always try taking a good picture but my camera is older and this looks like its easy to use and does an amazing job

  117. Lee-Ann says

    Because I am so behind in phone tech – all the bells and whistles look good to me! I like long batter life, and the camera looks fabulous! I think if I had to pick the one I am most excited about – it would be the projector capability – that’s cool!

  118. says

    I also commented on the linked post review page from Rafel. Form… that I like the charging system and we all appreciate extended battery life! Thanks for an informative review.

  119. Catherine Robichaud says

    Wow what a phone. I’m most excited about the Moto Insta-share Projector Mod because I think it’s cool to be able to project a video or even pictures on the wall for everyone to see.

  120. Patrick McKeown says

    Wow! having a phone that adapts to your needs no matter what they are. That’s pretty damn impressive! I think for me, having that camera mod is definitely the killer device.

  121. Treen Goodwin says

    The HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD , sounds amazing , i love to takes pics of my Grand babies and dogs :)

  122. Kristy says

    I’m excited about the HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD- I use my phone the most for pictures, and this seems like a great addition to get even better photos!

  123. Marlene Unruh says

    They all sound great, but the JBL Soundboost Speaker Mod would be awesome. I’d love to use it on the patio or in the garden while working.

  124. Brenda Lacourciere says

    Moto Insta-Share projector mod would be my first pick. My grandkids would absolutely love to try some large screen apps. How amazing.

  125. Maritess says

    I love listening to music and would be excited to try out the JBL SOUNDBOOST SPEAKER MOD. JBL is a brand that really makes good speakers, too.

  126. Angela Mitchell says

    I’m most excited about the HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD. I’ve been getting into photography lately but I still don’t have a decent camera. I love how I could use my phone to take amazing photos and not have to carry both a camera and phone around with me. I think this would amazing for vacations!

  127. naiddia p says

    I really love the MOTO INSTA-SHARE PROJECTOR mod. It would be perfect for the kids when we travel to the cottage or hotel.

  128. katharine warren says

    My husband has been on the constant hunt for a good smartphone. This one sounds like it ticks all the boxes, except for the dropping aspect. If they have a good OtterBox quality case he would be set. Also he has been eyeing that Motorola smartwatch, he has the pebble right now but it’s end of life.

  129. ginette4 says

    for me it’s the HASSELBLAD TRUE ZOOM MOD..I’m looking for a great camera and this one sounds like the perfect fit

  130. ailisebyrne says

    The projector would be AMAZING for my classroom!!! I use my phone all the time to keep my students engaged!!

  131. Elizabeth Vlug says

    Most excited about the MOTO Z PLAY. Why? The battery life alone sold me. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I have been stranded with a dead battery and it frustrates the ying-yang out of me. lol.

  132. Clair Palmer says

    The camera, oh my goodness the pictures are so beautiful hard to believe thats from a phone, I’d be very excited to use that

  133. ERIN MCSWEENEY says

    I’m most excited for the MOTO360 SMARTWATCH, i’ve been wanting one for a while and I love everything that Moto is offering

  134. Debbie S. says

    I am most excited about the MOTO Z PLAY. I am always looking for a plug in to charge my phone and would really love to be able to take incredible quality pics from my phone.

  135. Christy Eldred says

    All such great options! Right now I would say MOTO Z PLAY. My phone is on the way out so I am on the lookout for a replacement and this def seems like a great option!

  136. says

    That projector mod is the reason the Motorola will likely be my next phone. I see the kids or I using it to trace big art projects onto the wall. I bet you could paint an amazing mural using it.

  137. mapleleafmommy says

    I’m like, meh, meh, that’s nice, but I’m good… then I saw the photo quality. The fact you can fiddle with the exposure? And that True Zoom Mod? Dang, I NEED this.

  138. Marlene J says

    Loving the motor smartwatch , I’ve seen them advertisted & they are so cool to me.This watch is so my personality.

  139. Lisa Rumolo says

    I love the smart watch. Great for checking messages at work where I’m not allowed to carry a phone.

  140. Kathryn says

    Thanks for this review! I’m sick and tired of Apple running my life… might be time to try something new!

  141. Israel Y says

    My favourite is the JBL SOUNDBOOST SPEAKER MOD. It looks awesome & love that it has 10 hours of battery life!

  142. says

    I’m most excited about the Insta Share Projector! I have a friend that has one and on a recent flight that didn’t have seat back TVs, she projected it onto the table tray (when it was in an upright, locked position 😉 ). She LOVES this phone too and I want one!!’

  143. Lia Christensen says

    This phone excites me!!! My current phone is about to enter smartphone heaven and after reading your review this is a serious contender despite my deep love for the iPhone. This Mom of 5 is a serious memory catcher and that camera mod literally has me drooling! Fingers crossed lady luck is on my side!

  144. Julia S. says

    The Hasselblad True Zoom looks so amazing! Would love that for our upcoming trip to Iceland to capture the Northern Lights!!

  145. Andie Anderson says

    I love the jbl speaker mod! Our whole family loves music so this is a fantastic add on. I enjoyed reading your review!

  146. Jenny says

    Omg. I need this in my life. The speaker….perfect for the cottage and all our beach days. The projector….perfect for nights around the fire !!! This baby looks like it has it all!!!. Thanks for sharing your review.

  147. Michele says

    As soon as you mentioned using the projector in a hotel room or the cottage, you had my interest peaked! Not to mention, the camera looks unreal!

  148. Erica Seaman says

    The moto-360 looks like a mighty fine piece of technology- can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!!

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