Four fab holiday looks with Depend (sponsored post)

Here’s the thing: I have no shame. Or, at least very little.

So when some lovely people asked if I would write a post about Depend (those super-absorbent briefs that are always at the top of my hospital-bag packing list I give to moms-to-be), I knew I had two choices:

  1. Properly test and review the new Depend Silhouette Active Fit brief, or
  2. Show you how thin and underwear-like they are under my own clothes.

I went with No. 2.

I’m known to pee a little every time I laugh, cough or jump, so I’m no stranger to panty liners; but if you told me a couple of weeks ago that I could sport full-on Depend briefs under yoga pants, there’s no way I’d have believed that. Because I’m no stranger to Depend either! I always tell people that they were my saving grace for many, many weeks after giving birth. But they were bulky and awkward, and although they did the job, there’s no way I would have thrown on a pair of jeans with them.

Depend Silhouette is like a Slim Jim version. It’s shaped like a full bikini brief and pretty much just feels like you’re sporting a maxi pad. And it comes in two colours: nude and black. I had some fun putting together some everyday holiday looks and seeing if the Active Fit version could be worn for any occasion. I swear on everything I hold dear that I’ve got a pair of Depend Silhouette Active Fit underoos on under each outfit!

Depend Silhouette - four fab looks (FINAL)

Now let me share some important tips about these looks:

An evening at the opera

  • If you’re going to the theatre or opera, and you’re not awesome in heels when it comes to several flights of stairs, go for sparkly flats like these little Tory Burch numbers or a pair of sassy ballet flats like my beloved Tieks. (What is it with carpet on stairs, man? Mixed with heels, it’s just a deadly combination that’s better for me to avoid altogether)
  • Dress shirts with long skirts are a big YES. I’m pretty sure I stole this look from Sharon Stone in the ’90s — but she was on to something. It looks effortless because it is

The ugly Christmas sweater party

  • Just because the invitation suggests your sweater must be ugly, doesn’t mean you have to obey. Keep it cute by nabbing a festive cashmere sweater that fits you like a glove and pairing it with skinny jeans that make you actually feel skinny
  • If there will be ample opportunity to sit down, make an entrance with a pair of nude platform heels, which will help make it look like your legs go on for days
  • Although I’m normally light on accessories at the best of times, I’d probably totally forego accessories if you’ve got a reindeer on your boobs. That’s enough, really

Lunching with the girls

  • If you’re going to sit, eat and gab for hours with your girlfriends, you need the gift of Lycra. Leggings are the perfect choice, and while I don’t subscribe to the idea that you have to be a skinny mini to wear them, I do believe that you should cover the junk in your fine trunk. Sweater, cardigan or tunic — your choice
  • Add some edge with a killer studded cuff and sky-high booties, and don’t be afraid of a little leopard now and then


  • You’ll want to ensure you’re wearing the correct Depend Silhouette Active Fit brief size before you put on a pair of body-hugging yoga pants. I was surprised that the size that fit me best was the S/M;the L/XL was far too roomy. (I wear a size 10 in most brands, if that helps.) But the good news? When you wear the right size, you can slip on a pair of the tightest yoga pants you own and feel confident knowing they don’t give any more VPL than ordinary underwear
  • Select yoga pants that have a slightly higher rise; even though these Depend undies are quite low-rise, they aren’t hip-huggers

If you’re still golden using something like Poise Pads at this point in your life, great. But if you need a bit more protection, it’s safe to say that you no longer have to worry about sacrificing your fierce fashion sense to get it. So let your inner fashionista go crazy.


DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post, but the concept for it, styling, clothes, accessories and opinions are forever mine.

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  1. Elizabeth Vlug says

    I was surprised to hear you say that you can wear them with yoga pants and still be discreet. That is good news. And thanks for the tip on sizing, it would make all the difference.

  2. Autumn R says

    Great Post! Thank you for your humorous perspective on this subject…I never knew wearing Depends could be so much fun! 😀

  3. Angela Mitchell says

    It’s nice to know there are such great options out there. Poise is enough for me but I know people who have worn Depend products not only after having a baby but also after surgery.

  4. says

    Love the Lunching with the girls look! It’s the one I’d be most likely to wear myself. You look comfy in all of them though!!

    – Amber Lynn Young

  5. silverneon2000 says

    Well it looks like they worked in eveyone of your outfits, which is great. As after having children I know that my bladder has changed and when you get that feeling that you have to go you should.


  6. Melanie Barclay says

    What a great post! i delt with leakage after my 2nd child was born and it sucked!! Thanks for amazing posts!!

  7. says

    First, you look amazing in every single one of your looks. Second, I think I’ll have to take your reco – especially if Poise works with yoga pants!

  8. Heidi C. says

    Fortunately, I have not faced the problem of bladder leakage yet. My mom, however, has had longstanding issues with it as she had an early hysterectomy. She highly recommends Depend products and I know which brand to turn to if this becomes an issue for me.

  9. kristen visser says

    wow ok this is something i definitely NEED!! ever since having my two girls, a little cough, sneeze, laugh has me feeling a little wet and uncomfortable but i have never done anything about it to help that situation. its nice to know there is something that would help prevent leaks and most important not be shown to others that i am wearing something!

  10. Heidi M says

    Who would have thought that these products would also be SO carefree and DEPENDable all at the same time. All pics look great and its our little secret.

    Women’s products sure have come a long way and thank goodness.

  11. sassymodernmom says

    You look fabulous in every single picture (and I need to track down an ugly sweater like that one)! PS After 2 BIG babies, life and sneezing are never the same. Never

  12. edmontonjb says

    That’s really amazing that you’re wearing Depends in these photos. You can’t tell at all! It’s great to know there are great options nowadays in protection.


  13. says

    I don’t know where the time has gone…I swear I was just in my early 20’s and occasional bladder leaks were far far away but here I am 56 and wondering what cough, sneeze or laugh will bring me to my knees! I take comfort in knowing there are products like Depends Silhouette out there to keep me dry and on the move! I love your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party picture. It’s adorable! Many thanks and good luck everyone!

    • says

      Thanks! The backdrop is a new muslin sheet that I got with my at-home photo studio I just bought…but I was lazy and didn’t iron/steam it so there were all these creases. So what you see there is some really messy Photoshopping to blur the creases. LOL!

  14. Treen Goodwin says

    Wow so awesome you can’t even tell your wearing one … that’s so amazing that’s for sharing a great review

  15. says

    Seriously my biggest fear os getting s cold in the winter. Sneezing and coughing are the scariest things right now :/ like that these are discreet because at 30 I dont exactly want ppl know I’m using depends. Beautiful as always

  16. Brandee H says

    It is amazing how such a simple thing (like thinness) can help encourage women to get out and active and to not be fearful!

    • says

      I know that if I needed more protection than just a panty liner at times, I would be concerned that I couldn’t keep doing the things I love to do and wearing the things I love to wear.

  17. Andrea D says

    That’s amazing that you can’t see them through your yoga pants!! I recently had a baby so these would be perfect for me!

  18. jay nelson says

    To sneeze or not to sneeze.
    To sneeze in Jeggings or to sneeze in yoga pants?? – now that is the better question!

    It is great to see these developments for leaks – because leaks are just a part of life.

  19. Rachel says

    You are adorable, your personality really comes through in every photo.Love the new studio lighting. Rock those depends!

  20. Lindsay T says

    You look awesome! I’m very impressed that you could wear them under yoga pants! Definitely different from the ones I wore after my water broke!

  21. koalateagirl says

    You’re seriously wearing depend under all of those? WOW. (Also.. you look adorable in every single outfit… I’m seriously jealous)

  22. Courtney says

    Thanks for this blog! Since having my daughter I’ve thought about trying these as I’m no stranger to the occasional leaks.

    • says

      For really light leakage, I’d suggest the Poise Pads because they’re SUPER thin and just fit into your own undies. However, if you need more moderate protection, it’s nice that Depend offers something where you can still wear cute clothes.


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