Glama Gals Tween Spa birthday party

My birthday isn’t really very important to me. It’s probably because my parents never really made a big deal about it.

Sure, I remember having a couple of birthday parties (one in my backyard in Cobourg when I was perhaps six; and one when I turned 12 that ended up in my parents’ basement, with me sobbing in one corner because “Love Bites” came on and it was — for whatever reason — the song I’d dedicated to my crush-at-the-time, Sean Sawyer; while in another corner, Sean Cook and Paul Lagroix sneaked booze into their cans of Pepsi. OK, now it sounds like there were only boys at my party and that’s simply not true; I swear I had girl friends).

But there was never really a big show put on. And while I never felt slighted by it, I’ve also been the exact opposite with my own kids. We’ve had parties at everywhere from our backyard to Great Wolf Lodge and Kidville. They nearly always involve me making a lavish birthday cake, and I generally want to fall down and sleep for three days afterwards.

Oh, but the smiles. The laughter. The joy. Their appreciation is written all over their faces, and I wouldn’t let go of those images for the world.

But I have gotten smarter. I work less, and enjoy more.

And nowhere is that easier to do than by booking your next party at Glama Gals Tween Spa.

Glama Gals birthday party


I don’t even know where to begin. Because I just need to gush. So I supposed I’ll work my way through this chronologically. First off, planning a party at Glama Gals is just about the easiest thing: select a date, a time, whether you want chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, tell them how many guests you’re having and how old the birthday girl is and — voila! — you’re done. Well, just about; use the invitations that your Glama Gals location will provide and you’re all set.

Someone will call you the week of your party just to confirm the final details. I liked this. Sometimes, I have the memory of a fish, and I’ve forgotten about entire doctor’s appointments for my kids (just last week, in fact). So reminders are key.

There are only two adults allowed to stay. Some of you may balk at this, but for me this is a blessing. It gives the kids a chance to just be with each other (and be remarkably independent without mommy in sight), and it means you — the adult host — can chill and enjoy watching your baby girl get pampered without feeling beholden to entertain other grownups.

The Lil’ Miss Positive package, for kids under five years old, was just perfect from beginning to end for Miss Q and her friends. The activities and timing were spot-on for that age group. They started with pedis, where Frozen-themed sparkle combos were all the rage; then they moved to manis. Some light makeup (very, very light and really just for fun) and then there was the Princess Oath (or Ceremony. Or something…), where a Glama Gals staffer had the girls repeat a you-go-girl-power chant that also involved eating vegetables. Very cute. And tiaras and wands made the rounds. Then they were off to the bubble bath-making station followed by the shopping wall. Yes — a shopping WALL! If you opt into the (reasonably priced) loot bags at $9 per child, each guest gets to choose three items off this wall, ensuring loot bags are personalized. Satisfied with their pickings, the party then went upstairs for lunch.

Lunch is pizzza with pink lemonade in ornate plastic goblets, amidst a totally girly-fied room and table setting. Lunch was silent. The girls had really spa’d up an appetite.

On the pink lemonade front, I  have to say that I was thrilled not to see any pop or heavily sugared drinks of any kind in sight.

There was a birthday countdown (from four, because Miss Q had turned four) and everyone sung Happy Birthday. She blew out a candle, and we cheered. The usual, but I didn’t have to light the candle or miss the photo opp. In fact, in all of this, I was completely hands-off. It was so relaxing.

But the best part (for me, anyway) came as the girls were munching on cupcakes. It’s called the Pink Toast, and each guest was invited to say something nice to or about Miss Q. How lovely is that?

The cost is pretty reasonable, all things considered. Our package was $299 and that included six girls, all of the treatments, the bubble bath-making experience and lunch (cupcakes, too!). Add a guest? $29. Want those loot bags? Another $9. When you look at this compared to several other indoor experience-centric birthday party options, it’s well-priced. Frankly, just being able to show up and do nothing (plus not have to make our beds or clean our house) is worth at least a hundred bucks on its own, right?

The Glama Gals team sent us home with the leftover pizza, ensured all of Miss Q’s gifts were near the door, and we were on our way two hours after arriving.

Miss Q fell asleep, shimmery nails and all, in the back seat on the way home. With a smile on her face.


I would have loved to be able to offer our young guests healthy side options with their pizza. Some fruit and veg platters would be great, even if you have to pay more for them.

OK, why is it a “tween” spa? I find this very ageist. After all, Miss Q started enjoying pedicures at 19 months old, so I really think it should just be Glama Gals Kid Spa. We’ll wait while you get on that re-branding…



So…how can I book it?


DISCLAIMER: I am a Glambassador and receive special perks and experiences from Glama Gals Tween Spa. This was not a sponsored (compensated) post, and it reflects my personal opinion about our experience at Glama Gals Ajax.

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  1. Lisa (fabfrugalmama) says

    Love this!! Looks like Miss Q had a blast… and so did her friends. :) I really should look at this as an option for my daughter’s birthday. The only downside is the drive.


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