Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture women’s razor (mini-review)

Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razorTHE PRODUCT

The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor for women, about $12 for the starter kit.

Schick Intuition THE GOOD

I really appreciate that some razors, like the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture and the Gillette Venus & Olay razor, now come with handy holders that attach to your shower wall with a suction cup. It makes getting them out of your kids’ reach so easy. After Miss Q cut herself quite deeply as a young toddler with her Daddy’s razor, we make sure that they’re always up high now so this is a very welcome addition to the starter kit.

If it’s the summer months and you’re shaving every day or every other day, you can expect a refill to last about a month. This is pretty good overall, even if the refills will set you back $3 or $4 depending on where you buy them and how many are in a pack.

There’s this sort of wire “cage” over the blades (just take a look at the photo at the top of this post), which I suspect would help prevent those more serious cuts when razors are discovered by toddlers. But since I’m not about to borrow a toddler or ask my kids to run their fingers against the grain on the Schick Intuition, I can’t really be sure. It does seem to help the blades run over my skin without nicking it, though.

You absolutely, 100 per cent do not need shaving creams or gels of any kind. This is an all-in-one razor.

The shave is very good, very close and – yes – moist. Must be those new Moisture Ribbons! (Honestly…where do they come up with these names?) When I use this razor, I don’t notice my legs get that really dry, itchy feeling that you often get after shaving.  I like that. Because feeling like you have alligator scales is never cool.

The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor is pink. And y’all know how much I love me some pink.


Like all razors that have more than two blades and offer a bell or a whistle, this one isn’t cheap. For $12, you get the handle, the holder, a cap and two razor refills. I suppose that’s better than some other brands, but it’s definitely going to give you sticker shock if you’re still using the bare-bones disposable razors that are $1 apiece. (But then you’re also probably buying shaving cream and using a heap of moisturizer afterwards, too…so think through all the math before you decide to stick with your current brand.)

It “dry-shaves” better than the Gillette Venus & Olay razor but  not nearly as well as the Gillette Venus Sensitive. You know, those times that you’re on the run and want to throw on a tank top and just shave the few hairs that have surfaced without having to do the whole shower parade? That’s a dry-shave.

It’s got a pretty big footprint and it feels big in my child-sized hands. Not that it’s, like, Paul Bunion-sized or anything, but compared to thinner razors, it just feels a bit clunky.




Schick gave a few lucky readers the chance to receive a FREE Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture women’s razor just for sharing their opinions! Here’s what they had to say:

“I absolutely love the new Schick intuition Shea Butter. It smells lovely and moisturizes too.  I’ve been a fan of these razors for a while and this one is no different.  As a busy working mom having a razor that is so convenient to use makes shaving a breeze.” — Leanne

“Thank you for the opportunity to try out the Schick Intuition Razor!  I love the idea of a razor that has moisturizing lotion and shaving cream built right into it so I was anxious to try it.  At first I was a bit gentle with it and afraid to really press hard to go over my curves and bumps.  But once I got over the initial fear of cutting myself, I did like the close shave I got (and I haven’t nicked myself yet!).  I do find the handle a bit bulky and big for my small hand.  I have a hard time maneuvering it around places like my ankle bone and knee because of the very large moisturizing bar.  My legs were still quite dry after using it, but I don’t think that’s the razor’s fault; that’s my fault for not moisturizing regularly.  It worked OK on my underarms, but I prefer a smaller razor for that area.  Would I buy this razor?  Probably not.  Will
I use it and the refill blade until it’s no longer effective?  Yes!” — Jennifer (Hamilton, ON)

“I was very excited to try the Schick Intuition razor and it arrived just in time for a heat wave in the city. I liked the scent of the moisture ribbon, it was light and subtle and importantly not overpowering. The four blades definitely allowed for a clean shave and my skin felt very smooth afterwards. I liked that I didn’t need a shaving cream but I can still get the moisturizing effect, I didn’t even need to put on moisturizer after my shave. I think the Schick Intuition would be perfect for travel and I’m definitely bringing one with me on my next trip. What I didn’t like about the razor though was how quickly the moisturizer ribbon disappears. After 5 uses in the shower, the moisturizer has mostly disappeared and I will need to change it soon. Also, due to the size of the shaving area, I find it cumbersome to shave smaller areas. Also, I definitely had to make sure to rinse cleaning after a shave otherwise my skin starts itching from leftover soap residue.” –– Jenny (Surrey, BC)

“Schick Intuition not only ‘freed my skin’ but also freed up some time!! As a mom of young children, anything which will save me time is worth trying. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try the Schlick Intuition!  I am guilty of grabbing the cheapest, disposable razors I can find. And my legs paid the price!  The Schlick Intuition’s conditioning blades are amazing. In the shower, I grabbed the razor and used it as I normally would. The difference was instantly noticeable. The blades are smooth on your skin. The pivoting head allows you to get on the angles and curves of your legs.  And it really feels like it is conditioning your skin with each swipe! There was a slight learning curve. It is larger than razors I usually use. The first few times I used the razor, I had to remember to press harder while shaving. But by the second day, this was the new normal. My legs felt soft and smooth. There was no redness or tingling, which can often happen when shaving with disposables. I also have very sensitive skin, and never noticed any issues with the moisturizing bar.
I don’t think I will be able to go back to my cheap disposables. I love that it lathers and moisturizers while I’m shaving in the shower. No extra steps or time needed! And the fact that all Schick Intuition cartridges are interchangeable has me wanting to try out the other varieties as well. Simply, my legs are worth it! I would definitely recommend the Schick Intuition razor!” — Brandee (Brampton, ON)

“I like the size of the razor. I  love the moisture ribbon. It leaves your skin very soft. The shea butter fragrance smell good.  It functions better than normal razors since it has 4 blades and a pivoting head.The only down side to the razor is that it fills up with water. Overall I really enjoy this razor and I recommend it especially if you have dry skin.” — Sonia (Etobicoke, ON)

“Thank you for the opportunity to try this new razor. I immediately loved the colour. Being a bigger razor, it is easier to grip especially with the no slip grasp. I tried it on ‘longer’ hair and it left me feeling sooooo smooth due to having the 4 blades with the shea butter. I was laying down, reading, and hubby walked by and rubbed my leg, longer than usual. And I can tell he liked, and I told him it’s my new razor. So hubby approved it is! I waited for a couple of days to try on shorter stubble, and it did an incredible job again. It contours everywhere wonderfully whether it’s legs or underarms. The extra head and shower holder is a bonus! And the fact it lathers itself and no other shaving cream is required is a super feature, too! I have only positive things to say about this razor, and would purchase it in stores for sure.”  — Toby

“I was very excited to be given this Schick Intuition razor for review! When it arrived my first thought was how big it was. I assumed it being big meant it would be clunky & hard to use. Not the case at all! The razor contours to your skin and makes shaving your legs a dream. The moisture bars really did eliminate the need for shaving cream, perfect for saving valuable packing space on my upcoming camping trip! Not only that but I found I didn’t need to moisturize after shaving my legs. I would absolutely recommend this razor to anyone looking for something new to shave their legs. It really is a fantastic all in one razor.” — Lindsay (Oshawa, ON) 

“I really liked this razor because I didn’t have to add any extra shaving cream. It gave me a nice close shave without much irritation and the shea butter was a nice scent. Even though my legs felt smooth afterwards, I still used a moisturizer. Well worth giving it a try.” — Gizele (Moncton, NB)

“I am sorry to say but i am not a fan of this razor at all , it’s way to big and bulky and very hard to handle , I found it to be very poorly made as well , i cut my legs many times especially my knees , i used it before i went camping and my legs looked horrible and also i hated the big bulky creamy soap thing around the razor , it was just in the way and i don’t find it put any on my legs . In a day my legs were stubbly again .. it’s not a razor for me , i tried it 3 times and i had the same issues every time i used it , it’s the whole part that i cut my legs every time .. my armpits i found had razor burn …one side of the soap thing was wore down on one side more than the other and it could get very expensive i think as well ….thanks so much for the chance to try and test it out , but i truly don’t like it at all !” — Treen (Yarmouth, NS)

“My initial thoughts when I opened the Schick Intuition was that the razor looked large and felt awkward in my hand. The conditioning solid had a light pleasant scent and I loved that it came with a shower hanger as well as a travel cap! I was really excited to try it because we travel a lot and I am always trying to pack less. The first time I used the Schick Intuition I was impressed by the easy-to-hold rubber handle. It provided a really nice grip even with wet hands. The four-blades and pivoting head were so gentle it hardly felt like I was shaving at all. It was a much faster shaving experience than my previous razor. At first I found the handle to be a little bulky and a little bit awkward to maneuver. After several uses I found that the conditioning solid had more “wear” on the bottom than the top half. I may not have been holding the handle as straight as I should have so I will try that with the next cartridge. My skin felt moisturized after shaving and I didn’t need to apply lotion afterwards. The four blades ensured a close shave and I did not have any irritation or nicks. Overall, I was very happy with the Schick Intuition. The only downside for me was the uneven wear of the conditioning solid, but I think that was user error. I think it will be an awesome razor for travelling and for day-to-day use.” — Amy (Greenhill, NS)

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  1. Brandee H says

    I live in Ontario. I’d love to review this because I need a new type of razors to use! The one thing I never spend money on is razors. And I should! This would be a great way to try a better quality razor.

  2. sonia p. says

    I would like to review this razor because I love Shick intuition. I live in Ontario.I am sure I will love it. after I will spread the good word for you.

  3. Amie says

    I live in Ontario , I would love to review this razor , my legs are pretty dry so I would love to see it work !

  4. Leanne M says

    I would love to try this because I am always looking for good razor for for my skin. It’s a great brand and I love the scents.

  5. lemoncupid says

    I live in BC – and this is the girls in my family’s favourite razor… we won’t shave with anything else!

  6. Travelbuds says

    I would love to review this razor as I’m always looking for a razor that does a good job. I’m in BC

  7. Mary says

    I’d like to try it out because I like the ease of use…no making time to go get waxing done. I’m in Prince Edward Island. Thanks

  8. Mary says

    I’d like to try it out because I like the ease of use…no making time to go get waxing done. I’m in Prince Edward Island.

  9. Beth Whittington says

    I would like to review this razor because all the shave bar razors I’ve tried in the past didn’t last long enough to make it worth the purchase, I really like Schick products and would love to give this a go! I’m in ontario

  10. Olivia says

    I’m in BC and I’d like to try out the moisture ribbons. I do dry shave once in a while and I’d like to see how this razor performs for me.

  11. Kim DeCoste says

    I live in Peterborough Ontario and I aqm having a problem finding a good razor…I just keep aimlessly trying whatever I find…not 100% thrilled with any so far

  12. Lindsay T says

    I’m a mom of 2 little ones that keep me very busy, a razor like this would definitely save me time as I wouldnt need to worry about shaving cream! I live in Oshawa, ON.

  13. Amy Lovell says

    Im in London Ontario, I would love to review it, as I love the schick brand and love trying new products

  14. Gillian Morgan says

    I love schtick razors. I’d like to review this products because I love giving feedback to help the company to bake better produts.

  15. Brandi C says

    I’m local, in Bowmanville. I’d love to try this and see if it solves or helps my dry, chicken skin, legs!

  16. Kelly says

    I live in ONtario and would love to do this review, because we are a house with 3 girls always wanting our legs to be the smoothest:)

  17. says

    I am In Nova Scotia and would love to try this new razor .. i like trying out new things and am always looking for better razors can’t seem to find one and stick with it , i hope this one is a winner :) thanks for the chance :)

  18. Sara says

    I live in Ontario and would love to do a review one his product as you had me at dry shave and the comment on no itchy “after shave” comment. I would love to get rid of the dry itchy sensation most razors leave!

  19. melanie Borhi says

    I live in London Ontario (Canada) id want to try this out /review because I love shick products and they have never failed me and I just want to try out an new type of shick product out

  20. Samorjj says

    My current razor paired with the warm weather is leaving my skin dry. I would love to try one with a built in moisturizer.

  21. Victoria Ess says

    I live in ON and I would love to review this because I love to discover new beauty products and I love sharing my opinion on products with others!

  22. says

    I would love to review this for you as I struggle with dry skin and irritation of my legs with shaving them and I would love to see if this razor doesn’t aggravate these issues.

  23. marie S says

    I live in northern ontario. I hate using shaving cream and I need a quick and easy shave. I love doing product reviews too. thanks for the opportunity.

  24. kristen visser says

    I live in St. Marys Ontario. I absolutely LOVE Schick and I enjoy testing and reviewing new products.

  25. says

    I live in Nova Scotia and i would love the opportunity to review the Schick Intuition! I think this would be a great product to travel with, especially when you are trying to minimize! I also think it would be great for camping, which I am planning on doing this summer. Yes, I shave when I am camping, even if I have to boil the water to do it :)

  26. Angie says

    I live in Saskatchewan. I would like to review it because I am not happy with the one I currently use and would like to try this one.

  27. Steph says

    I live in Toronto .. And i want to know if i’ll get any razor burn from this, so would love to do a review!

  28. Toby says

    I wear a lot of dresses at work and my gams have to be their very best! I’m in Winnipeg, MB I’d love to review this razor. :)

  29. Vicki Davidson says

    I’m trying to find the quickest and easiest way to shave with less stress. I’m in Toronto. Thank you.

  30. sarah sar says

    I’d love to review this because I like the fact that you don’t need shaving cream for it. Money saver!

  31. Jennifer M says

    This Mama doesn’t have time to fuss with shaving cream so an all-in-one would be awesome. My husband would thank you 😉
    I live in the Hammer!

  32. Jennifer M says

    This Mama doesn’t have time to fuss with shaving cream so an all-in-one would be awesome. My husband would thank you 😉

  33. maria says

    I live in Ontario…I love the idea of all in one. When going away all I would have to pack would be my razor for my shaving needs

  34. kathy downey says

    I live in Newfoundland and would love to try this razor because the razor I am using is not doing the job

  35. Julie says

    I would love to review this razor because I have a little guy who likes to tell me how prickly I am and how I hurt him!

  36. Glogirl says

    Shaving is my usual method of hair removal so I’d love to try this razor to see how it compares to other brands. I’m from Ontario.

  37. Gillian Hunter says

    I want to review Schick Intuition Razors because I currently use Venus and I’m sick of them “melting” away in my shower. I’d like to see if Schick is better. :)

  38. Melanie says

    I would love to review this razor I’m a new mom to a 3 week old baby and need a new razor I haven’t night one In years

  39. Erika E says

    I like the idea of an all-in-one razor. I sometimes try to get away with not using shave gel and it doesn’t usually go well and then my legs always feel dry afterwards. I live in Alberta.

  40. says

    I have extremely sensitive skin and am always looking for a razor that doesn’t irritate me! I haven’t tried this one yet so I think it’d be a great review opportunity!

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  42. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says

    I live in Ontario. I would love to review it because I am looking for a new go-to razor since my current brand seems to be breaking my legs out in a rash.

  43. says

    this sounds like an awesome razor, right now I use my hubby’s and he is not to happy about that at so ya I would love to try these out!!

  44. Crystal Englot says

    I would love to try out this razor and do a review, because honestly I have not found a single woman’s razor yet that I actually like! I always use my hubby’s gillette razor but in all honesty I dont think he likes it when I use his lol I am from Manitoba.

  45. Courtney says

    I’d love to review this because I am shaving so often these days and love trying new products! I live in Ontario

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  50. edmontonjb says

    I would like to review this razor because I love Schick Intuition and have nothing but good experiences with the brand in the past.


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