Perlimpinpin car seat cover (guest review)


My name is Jacquie and I live in the Don Mills area of Toronto. I have one little guy, Dylan, who was five months old on Boxing Day. I’m a communication consultant who is currently on one-year maternity leave (so I guess I work “inside the home” now!). Pre-baby, my husband and I LOVED to travel and dine around. With-baby, my idea of fun is simply acting like a fool (doing anything I can) to make Dylan laugh; the best! (Maybe we’ll get back to the travel one day… sigh.)


Ever tried to dress a high energy infant? It’s like trying to wrestle an alligator! Trying to get Dylan into one layer of clothing is enough of a workout. The thought of getting him into another layer (or two) for winter travel seems just…overwhelming.  That’s why I was very excited for the opportunity to try out and review the Perlimpinpin car seat cover (also called the Perlimpinpin bunting bag by some retailers). No bulky sweater or snowsuits required? Count me in.

Perlimpinpin car seat coverTHE GOOD

The first, and most important, thing to note about this product is that it’s safe. It lines the car seat perfectly, but comes with a zip-out area along the back. This means it doesn’t interfere with the straps or harnesses.

It has a warm, wind-resistant outer shell with an absolutely ah-mazing faux fur inner lining. So soft; like butter. I received lots of compliments on this feature. Not to mention, my little guy loved to snuggle up against it. He’s too young to speak, but the first time I plunked him into the luxurious fur, I swear I heard a little sigh… “ahhhhh.”

Another great feature is that you can pull the top flap up over baby’s head. This is important when making a quick trip from the car into a store/home and vice versa. It cut the wind and protected him from cold weather. This meant that (by some small miracle) my little guy would actually stay asleep during transport. Thank you Perlimpinpin car seat cover. No, really: thank you!


The “good” far outweighed the minor “gaffes.” At times, the faux fur lining would become stuck in the zippers. This, of course, is not unique to this product since jams tend to happen any time fur/fleece and zippers meet up. I would say this is a minor (and well worth it!) sacrifice for the soft, velvety faux fur material that lines this product. But perhaps Perlimpinpin can look into some kind of fix.

One of the design features of this product is a drawstring top. This allows the top of the cover to fit tight around baby’s head so it has a “hood like” feel. Some babies might love this; my little guy did not. He didn’t like when the hood closed in around him, but preferred it to be open and away from his face. As a design option, I would suggest adding a band that could be looped around the top of the car seat (to keep the top part of the cover taut). There’s actually already a band that works exactly like this on the bottom of the product.



So…where can you get it?

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Author: Mommy Gearest

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  1. Do you have any picture of the back of it? I am a CRST and would like to check it out.

  2. Sounds perfect for my little guy his is also 5 months old! We have to walk his 4 year old brother to JK to and from school in this crazy cold Toronto weather. I need something to keep him warm.

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