Parum Pum Pum from B. You Toys (guest review)

The Parum Pum Pum from B. You Toys is featured in part two of my gift guide series.

Sarah Lynn from YYZ Bambina, a blog I’d encourage you to check out, has one darling 10 month old little lady and is inching closer and closer to the inevitable return-to-work. Her mat leave has been filled with playing, swimming, reading and watching really horrible reality TV (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). You can also find Sarah on Twitter @yyzbambina.


At weeks old, music was one of the only things that would calm my daughter. She showed preference for the Beatles, or when I sang to her, Baby Beluga.

Now she likes to clap along to the beat of any tune, sometimes even patting her leg (pretty much the cutest thing EVER!). She’s even started to attempt to groove to music when it comes on TV (a little less cute, a lot more awkward).

Clearly a pint-sized music lover, it comes as no surprise that she loves the Parum Pum Pum by B. You Toys.


On the information packet, B. You Toys recommends Parum Pum Pum until age three. They could easily add a zero, because the 30 year olds in my house also thoroughly enjoy playing with this set. I especially like using the centipede Parum Pum Pumdrumsticks on the big drum. My fiancé is also partial to the drum. Good thing we already know how to share.

The instruments are made with little hands in mind, and my daughter has no trouble holding or playing any of them. Right now she uses her hands to bang the drum, and uses the sticks as a musical instrument of their own. Her favourites of the pack have to be the shaka-shaka eggs; she reaches for them first every time it’s music time.

The jingle bell ant, busy bee maraca & clacker and caterpillar tambourine are so colourful and interesting that my daughter likes just looking at them (perhaps even more than she likes playing them).

I love that all the instruments can be stored inside the drum, making it easy to ensure all the pieces stay together and keep our play area that much tidier. Like any young child, my daughter can be careless, and all the pieces have survived being dropped on the floor, without so much as a scratch. It’s also great because this toy does not require batteries – there’s no button to press, or flick to switch, you just hand her an instrument, and she’s entertained instantly.

This is the type of toy that will last for many years. It’s great for kids to play by themselves as well as with friends during a play date.


The jingle bell ant looks kind of creepy, and I could foresee some children being afraid of it. When I look at it, I find it difficult not to think of a creepy carnival after closing time. Perhaps if one has Coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) that specific part of the set would not be the instrument for them.



So…where can you get it?

  • Indigo ($49.95 – includes shipping)
  • BUT! I have also seen this at Costco for closer to $30, but it doesn’t seem to be available online

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